Leviton Z-Wave Universal Switch - Your Choice

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Leviton Z-Wave Universal Switch - Your Choice
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Reviews of the Switch

These work great with Wink Hub and/or SmartThings Hub!

Both of these require the presence of a neutral wire for installation. That’s pretty common with smart switches, with a few exceptions (Lutron’s Caseta dimmer switch doesn’t need a neutral, and Leviton’s older model dimmer switch didn’t need one, but is hard to find)

There’s no side view in the pictures, so let me assure you that these things are pretty big. You’ll need to have plenty of space available in your wall box in order to fit one of these. Modern constructed (1980’s onward) homes probably have the right kind of outlet boxes to accommodate these. If you have an older home, you’ll want to make sure to measure first.

Both of these will work in a 3-way wiring setup, but you need to purchase the corresponding remote switch.
For dimmer: https://www.amazon.com/Leviton-VP00R-10Z-Digital-Coordinating-applications/dp/B001HSYT2O
For switch:

The integration with SmartThings was very easy.

The rocker switch tends to confuse people, so let me clarify: while it looks like a standard Decora rocker switch, the rocker itself always stays at center position. Pushing on the top or bottom of the switch simply registers a click, and then the rocker returns to center.

Does anyone know what hubs these will work with? I have a Logitech Harmony hub and a Phillips Hue hub.


These are solid switches, but once you add in the shipping and tax price becomes competitive with other options.

If it’s just a simple rocker type dimmer switch you’re looking for, stop in your local Costco for these:


If you’re looking for switches to operate with your smart phone:


50% of the stuff Woot (Amazon dumping ground) offers is over priced or products which are not moving elsewhere or about to be upgraded with a newer model. Plus, even if you’re a Amazon Prime member, Amazon does not honor the same shipping policy for companies it owns and operates.

I suggest you take a few minutes to read Woot’s return policy very carefully before you make your purchase. Then read Costco’s return policy (membership required).


Not even close.

Will not work with Hue Hub. Will work with Harmony hub if you have the Zwave Hub extender.

To use it with a Logitech Hub, you’ll need the Hub Extender


Won’t work with Hue.
Will work with Anything that supports Z-Wave

Note that there are new versions of these that support Z-Wave Plus, and instant notification. These do not support instant status.
If find the dimming bar really hard to use on this model.

Edit: Looks like it’s the VRF01-1LZ that I would need ($80 on Amazon!!!). Oh well.

Does anyone know if you could use this for a ceiling fan motor?

I have a dimmer switch for my bedroom fan and was thinking I could easily just replace it with a z-wave switch, but after googling a bit it looks like TRIAC dimmers could damage the motor and that they require a VFD dimmer. I could not find either acronym in the spec sheet, but I presume this is the TRIAC kind which could pop my fan motor.

Most modern-day ceiling fans support 3 speeds (hi/med/lo). Unless your fan came with a variable switch, you risk not only ruining the fan, but a possible fire.

What is the difference between this and the updated one for $10 more on Amazon

Zwave “plus” and instant status notification.

Thanks! One was wired up to the fan when we bought the house and it works fine, I am just hoping to get it tied to my OpenHAB system at some point. Turns out there is a GE VBR Z-Wave fan controller on Amazon for $45, well worth the extra $25 to prevent a fire :slight_smile:

The GE switches are really good. They’re a lot cheaper than the Leviton, Lutron, Belkin and Insteon switches, and work just as well.
I have a GE switch for my kitchen lights, and a GE dimmer + add-on for a 3-way setup in my dining rom.

These will also work with Harmony and the Samsung SmartThings hub, without the Hub Extender.

If you’re looking to get into home automation, the SmartThings hub is a much better value than the Harmony Hub Extender (which might be discontinued at this point)…

SmartThings hub:

Harmony Hub:

In my configuration, I found the GE switches don’t fade nearly as smoothly as the Lutron/Leviton switches, which drove me nuts.

I have these exact switches in my SmartThings/Google Home setup and they work flawlessly. I’m glad that Woot has 'em today! Not so glad I can only buy 3…

I’ve found that the smoothness of dimming seems to be tied more to the brand of bulbs than the switches. I have GE Z-Wave dimmer and a Lutron Caseta dimmer. I had the Lutron installed first, and the fade was really clunky. I was just using some cheap dimmable LEDs. I later swapped them out with some Osram bulbs, and the fade was far smoother. When I installed the GE, I bought Philips bulbs, and they fade just as smoothly as the Osram ones.

I’m also on a SmartThings/Google Home setup, with a ton of IFTTT and Stringify thrown in to automate things.