Levoit Humidifier for Large Bedroom

Levoit Humidifier for Large Bedroom

OOOHHH! I just plugged mine in yesterday!

Last year, we got to use our new HVAC heavily throughout the winter, and we noticed that snoring got worse and all of us were stuffy when we woke up every morning. Came to realize, our house was down to 30-35% humidity. While that might be perfect for some folks, we’re in the south somewhat near the coastline. We love our 40-50% humidity at home.

We set up this humidifier in the hallway that separates the bedrooms, which is also right where the AC circulates. Within a couple days, we were sleeping much more quietly and breathing much easier. It also helped a ton when we got sick, moved it into the bedroom instead and it really helped out.

Using the “auto off” setting is also wonderful, as you’re not refilling the large canister quite so often, AND you’re not left with a soggy damp feeling in the room when you wake up in the morning.


I may be mistaken, but I thought the Amazon price on this model last night was around $89. Today (Friday, 11/18/2022), the current price is $119.

It does appear to be highly rated. Any failures seem to occur within the first few months, so keep an eye on when the 90 day Woot warranty expires.

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I bought mine when it was $89… this is one of those products that they’re going to “black Friday deal” for like $80 but make it look better than usual, I’m willing to bet.

No idea if the humidifier is any good, but we’ve got two of their air purifiers that work good. Wirecutter complains they use a lot of power, but they’re quiet and work well. The company definitely knows how to make a quiet fan powered thing.