Lexar 128GB Professional 1000x microSDXC

Lexar 128GB Professional 1000x microSDXC

Great price on this! Idk where they got the normal price from, but these are over double on the mothership. Could be a great extra card for a Switch. Lexar cards, especially the 1667x, are some of my favorite high speed SD cards.


Thanks for your kindly advise. Bought 3.

Great card. I’m using it in now a 3rd different phone since I bought the first one, and one in a security camera that records nonstop. Quite a reliable card and fast. In for 2 more!

I paid over $40 for mine, too.

Great price. Doggone Apple charges $150 for more memory in a phone when WE know we should pay no more than $30. Buggers. Edited with an Android phone with 64G sd card

I didn’t see any mention of the Write Speed. Not that it is important or anything.

Google to Amazon and see only 90MB/s write speef for the1000x series, need the 1800x series to get 150MB/s to be able to write multiple HD streams.

Wow, I finally bought something before there were comments and don’t regret the purchase…I may finally be getting the hang of Woot


Looks to be a discontinued product. I’m not saying it’s bad at all.

Data Transfer Read Speed: 150 MB/s Maximum (Burst)
Write Speed: 90 MB/s Maximum (Burst)
Write Speed: 60 MB/s Minimum

Here’s the actual Amazon listing which is only being sold by a 3rd party.

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Will this be compatible to install into my daughter’s kid friendly Fire Tablet 7? I find myself constantly removing downloaded items from freetime to make room for others. Since its got only16G internal storage.

Like the knowingly woot items that usually are no longer offered on mother ship. Now, us deal head shoppers tend to comb through and avoid the vast variety of discontinued junk that fills the cat piss shelves of woot warehouse. I say cat piss with good intentions and of course experience. Since quite a few of my shirts have had a very strong vinegar smell to them. I even found pieces of cat food in some Mattel and Hasbro toy re-wraped items. I’ve seen others receive hair balls or maybe its mouse or rat fur lets just say hair ball. Anyway Its easy to tell their mascots should no longer me monkey’s…just saying it should be a branding change for the upcoming year.

Oh, man…!
Please find another crate of these, woot! I need three!
(Third shift can really ruin a person’s woot!)

Any chance someone can check if these will actually ship? I could buy a similar card on amazon today for the same price if they are not.


There was an issue with the inventory at Amazon. We’re working on an email.

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Well, maybe you can send this to the appropriate person or team. I bought 3 and did receive 1 of them although woot refunded me for all 3. So, you all need to charge me for the 1 that actually did arrive.

Consider it a gift.


No, you all haven given me chocolates along with lots of crap. I don’t deserve an early B-day gift yet. I want something better on Halloween then this here memory card!

I did install the one that arrived a while back into my daughter’s replacement kids tablet. It gives it lots of space now. So, I definitely am thankful for the gesture and all. I will either be charged it or I will open a return request. Your pick.

You’ll need to take it up with customer service then.

I will do that.