Lexmark P4350 Multifunction Color Printer



Hmm how many printers can one man use


Deal.com:$67-158 (low price is for resale on Amazon)

Reviewed by c|net: 6.6 of 10

Manufacturer’s Site

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Lexmark? Inkjet?

Say it ain’t so!



Another refurby!
Color laser and they’d have had me, though.


okayy… but what exactly comes in the box?

does it come with ink?

important questions need answering (or I overlooked them)


Decent … no need for a printer atm got a free hp one from dickerdoodle

This one looks nice but the refills seem to cost far to much cash as with all lexmarks


i have it it.
i like it.


Lexmark is terrible! Not even worth it. Buy an HP!


Lexmark sucks, they’re cheap but they break down. Worked in the printer dept and more than half of the lexmarks would be returned to us cause they suck. Owned a couple myself and did not last long at all.


Decent PCmag Review

With prices below

Low being at the Lexmark Store for $99

and high being $149 at Home Depot


New link for Target Sunday Ad

$78.44 at Target with free shipping

I just realized that the middle portion of this printer combo FLIPS UP!…making me thinking about this w00T even more.

w00T possible for me. :slight_smile:


My thoughts exactly…!!!


comes with color cartridge but not black


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Lexmark P4350 Multifunction Color Printer
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Lexmark P4350 Multifunction Color Printer w/ Photo Features


Does anyone know how much the individual ink refill cartriges cost?


It is now getting to the point where you should just keep buying a new printer instead of buying the ink…seems like it is cheaper…what will the landfill look like with a million printers without ink?..jsut a question and a visual to ponder…


Well, we know that there won’t be a USB cable, but otherwise my questions are exactly the same as yours… Particularly about ink cartridges. Lexmark cart’s are usually pretty expensive for what you get and if it doesn’t even come with any, bweh!


Looks like a nice machine.

Too bad it’s:

a) Lexmark
b) No generic inks made for it.

One set of inks will easily cost more than the printer, and Lexmarks suck ink like none other.

If you have the money to blow, it’s probably a good back-up machine.


Lexmark cartridges are hard to refill. Stick with Canon or Epson with the individual color ink wells. The old Canons, like my I900, a monkey could refill. Plus I have had bad luck with new Lexmarks lasting very long.