Lexmark Photo Printer w/ Vivitar 5MP Digital Camera Bundle



Compare Unbundled prices…
Lexmark Z735 Printer $22.99
Vivitar 5MP Digital Camera $84.95
Total: ~ $108

Lexmark Z735 Printer $33.99
Vivitar 5MP $99.99
Total: ~$134

Lexmark Z735 Printer $27.95


Will this work with that photo paper from before?


From the Woot Off.

Anyone have a review?


This cam has no optical zoom. 4x digital zoom is meaningless


another printer???

no thanks woot

the digital camera isn’t that great either


Bought this bundle during the recent wootoff for $10 more. Camera works nice but it eats AA batteries fast.


Price anyone??

Qualitydigitalcameras.com link


no optical zoom on camera. PASS!


if i needed a camera…or if i needed a printer…plus, ive never heard of this so called “vivitar”…NO THANKS…


Vivitar cameras are horrible…i stayed up for nothing, oh well.


haha, look like it’s from the 80s


No optical zoom, no great reviews. I’m gonna have to pass.


somewhat tempting… 5MP, buy I’ve never had too much experience with Vivitar as a camera. I want to give it a try, but I just got a Nikon for graduation. Thanks!

But for those who are considering a beat around camera, this seems somewhat decent. For 80, you get a 5MP camera, which is not shabby at ALL! and a photo printer. It’s a good deal, I’d say.


Looks likie decent birthday gift to myself… only thing, is it Mac OS X compatible?

I’ll do the research and budget checking, then possibly wwoting…


Woot should have listed this BEFORE the photo paper from a few days back…


i used to sell this printer at staples…

it only takes one cartridge - it is most definately not a good photo printer, so i dont know why it would be bundled with a camera.


Still waiting for a printer that prints onto my dvds and cds…

Not a bad price for just the camera, good gift for the not technologically inclined (In-laws)


Hmm…that camera is worth about $10 and the printer about $5, so Woot, you’re overpriced by about $65!


Great price but Office depot has a Kodak combo that I would take first.