Lexmark X3470 Multifunction Printer

True story. It’s cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy a new cartridge.

I added it to my cart and it’s already broken

total crud, next thing please

Thanks Woot I was this close to impulsing on the Roomba.

do not want

I bought this last woot-off — it sucks. I’ve had a really hard time getting it to print.

***** You’ve got to be kidding. I can’t use the work $ u c k $ ???!

wha wha…a printer.


Man, you guys b!tch a lot…upset there is a roomba, upset when the new item isn’t a roomba…blah.

buy one for that special lady in your life… or that group of special ladies.


That thing looks like it was built by the Russians… in the 70’s.

Want a flying monkey.

Really :frowning: More garbage?

malfunction printer…

Tempted, but no…

still cheaper then buying cartridges.

Awesome, this is a steal! I’m in for one.

I own multiple Lexmark Printers and they make great products! I think they have been given a bad rep from the past business decisions but they are trying to turn it around. I won’t buy a printer from anyone else. This is what they specialize in! Why would I want to buy a printer from anyone else? If I didn’t already have 3 lexmark printers I’d buy another, maybe 3!

ewwwww, a white piece of electronics!