Lexmark Z810 printer & Vivitar 3632 Digital Camera Bundle


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dear woot.com,
How about a cheap scanner?

I totally sympathize with the item description about the need for a personal photo printer.
Just imagine if your prized personal pictures were to suddenly appear on the Internet!


Forget the fact that the camera is just 2 MP ( ie you could use its pics as screensavers and all, just that it wouldn’t print good shots with that low a resolution) - its just that printer which requires OVERPRICED Lexmark catridges which breaks the deal for me.

Who is the Z A N D O R R R R R? What does this great soul desire? What does he seek …


[size=24:579d66def0][color=red:579d66def0][b]MORE DECENT WOOTS IN THE BOX, PLEASEEEEEEEE.

And more RAM too.[/b][/color][/size:579d66def0]
I really need to get a live. OMFG I suck.


[color=yellow:9d6b476d29]Awsome woot today![/color]

I reallly need a Woot-book! Please have a nice one up soon (preferably under $799) :frowning:


first page!


1st page :smiley:


Too bad I bought the printer during the woot off, I think that one was better anyways but it did not come with a digi…

Either way, I am still the king with 2 posts on the first page…





not first, but also not crap tonight. poor me.


I was hoping for an unheard of back to back craps



I’ve had very bad luck with a Lexicrap in the past.
Just went haywire, and customer support was non-existent.
Couldn’t even uninstall the soft without f**king up other print services.
Back to bed…no woot for me.


[size=18:c06c142322]wooot[/size:c06c142322] HAHA HAHA[size=24:c06c142322][/size:c06c142322]HAHA


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the one day i do not woot…the crap…it happens… :cry:




1st page bitches


Is the dog crapping on my post?


first page :smiley: