LG 10,000 BTU Portable AC

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If I got this I’d look into setting up an automatic pump to drain out the accumulated water when it gets full, sounds like people don’t like the hassle of having to manually drain it periodically.
No EER ratings on these types of units, guess it’s too dependent on the vent hose installation to measure.

LG…Yeah, that’ll work. NOT

We use this type of portable air conditioner in smaller IT/Computer rooms when the building air conditioning is shut off at night (energy management!).

Other brands work flawlessly, but every time LG is used, we are flooded with service calls (In the middle of the night) when the computers begin shutting down due to overheating. After the LGs are replaced with a different brand, we have no more problems with the units.

Don’t ever buy a portable AC that does not have both an outlet and an inlet to the outside. Think about it. Where is all that hot air that is being blown out of your house being replaced from? You are creating a slight vacuum in your house and the hot air from outside is being sucked in via all the small cracks in the house (no house is air tight). Oh, the room that the unit in gets cold, but the rest of the house pays for it with greater external hot air infiltration. Yeah, you can still cool your house that way 'cause the exhaust is much warmer than the outside air, but it is more efficient and less stress on the rest of the AC in the house to draw and exhaust to the outside to begin with.

Oh come on. You are making a lot of assumptions, such no wind flow and a perfectly stable air layer next to the house. And you assume there is no heat transfer to the environs. Stop it. Go put your mind to something else like figuring out world peace.

When the outside air is cooler than inside the house (like at night after the sun has been beating down on the roof the whole day long), the exact opposite is true: while the A/C cools the room it’s in, the infiltration cools the rooms that it’s not in.

Naw, he has a point. You do suck warm air into the home with a one-hose system.

From the energy blog at Lawrence Berkeley Labs, where they do have some expertise on energy!

As for the cool-at-night situation… most of us turn our Acs off and open the windows when it’s cool outside…

Why does it say 115volt? Isn’t most house outlets 110? This is an odd value

I run the one I have with a single hose 19/7/365 without incident. I live in Memphis where the unpleasant heat and humidity can start in April and last sonetimes through early November. Plus I just like a super cold bed room.(I only turn it off while I’m at work, setting the timer to turn it back on before I get back home). And it does not necessarily draw hot air in through that single exhaust hose setup. Somehow it must separate the airflow internally to do its job. I do know there is a tiny line that I believe acts like a vapor release line inside the hose. But I’m no engineer just a satisfied customer. My other One isn’t an LG, top of my head can’t remember and am not home yet.

Why? Because he is right. I would say though I would not buy an AC that doesn’t have a vent hose. Why would you want an AC that is cooling down the air in front of it yet heating the air behind it. Vent to the outside is the only way to go.

See the informative link posted elsewhere. One thing it says is, “The vacuum may not be measurable if the room is not air-tight.”

The person was saying that a unit with TWO vents (in/out) is better than just one going out for a not so sound reasons.

(“The vacuum may not be measurable if the room is not air-tight.”)

Of course venting the heat right in same the room would indeed be idiotic.

So, if you have a single “out” vent, you say it creates a slight vacuum that sucks warm air into the room from leaks.

With a dual system, there is also an “in” vent that draws warm air from the outside directly into the unit, as opposed to already recycling cooler room air to cool it further?

If that is the case, how does the unit process heat and humidity already in the room?

This doesn’t add up.

Thank you for the link. However, I will point out one exception to your “open windows at night.” Our upstairs bedroom gets hot at night as heat from the attic transfers into the room. We open windows elsewhere, but need A/C to counter the heat in that room.

The comments above about single hose roller A/C units sucking outside unconditioned air into your house are accurate. You cannot blow the hot air from this A/C unit out your window without make-up air coming from somewhere. “Somewhere” would be from outside. That would be cracks in your doors, windows, light fixtures/access hatches leading to the hot attic, etc…

Additionally that hot tube leading out the window conducts heat back into the room being “cooled”.

There is a reason the EPA doesn’t allow SEER efficiency on ratings on this type of air conditioner.

Caveat: if your home has a high end air and humidity recovery/exchange unit then that outside air coming in gets pre-conditioned. But if you have that kind of equipment in your home you also have a proper HVAC system and are not likely messing with roller A/C units anyway,

Installed-in-the-window A/C units might be a pain to properly install and take up more window space, but they hang the hot stuff out the window and circulate your indoor air over the cool stuff on the inside loop. Similar to central A/C but in one place instead of two.

The manual says the condensate is evaporated into the exhaust air stream, therefore no pump or emptying is required.

Good tip, @dtapley, Works well for us in the hot-in-the-day Midwest, at least in low humidity stretches. We open a window wide upstairs and run a box fan exhausting to the outside. It does a nice job of sucking cooler air in from the downstairs. Then we close it up when the outside temp gets close to the inside temp. Just like the old monster attic fans in homes before central air was common.

On moderately hot day we don’t need A/C like the neighbors. On a hot day, we often don’t need to turn on the A/C until mid afternoon.

Yes, I’m a cheap bastard and enjoy taking the effort to do this envy summer evening. Yeah, fresh air!

But if you really want one of these, I wouldn’t be surprised if many/most of them were lightly used SAMs/Costco/BJ’s/whatever returns.

The original owner (borrower?) took the edge off the heat for a few days and then took advantage of (REALLY took advantage of, ruining it for people with real product issues) the warehouse’s very accommodating return policy.