LG 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Black

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LG 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Black
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com and even better reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at The O

Bought one of these new for over 400 about 9 months ago when central air went out and I was waiting for a part. Works pretty good, though if you’re cycling it on and off a lot or when you turn it off after running you will need a drip tray under it. It doesn’t have one and condensate will puddle on your floor. While it’s running it will evaporate the condensate out the vent so not a problem when running. You can also solve this problem by running in fan only mode after turning off the cooling.

I purchased this from the HD last year and have been happy with it. I have a 480 sq.ft. room without direct AC and this has made a world of difference. It still won’t cool the room like a typical vented AC, for all those with unrealistic expectations. Note: when the compressor is working and the fan setting is on high it can get pretty loud. Not unbearable, but be advised. The Energy Saver setting, which turns the unit compressor off at a set temp, helps with that. A 3.5-4/5 rating is about right.

P.S. I bought mine on clearance and still paid $100 more than the price listed.

P.P.S. I have also read reviews where people complained about condensation issues, although I have not experienced any. I do live in a rather dry environment, however.

People will never suspect you’re using a portable air conditioner, because it looks just like a giant paper shredder… a paper shredder with cool air coming out of it! You’ll amaze your friends, if you have any.

It looks like a paper shredder.

This is a great price on this unit. It blows real cold(when working properly). The big problem on mine was it would blow real cold, and then blow warm. The exhaust fan would go out intermittently and render the AC useless. So I went to the LG website and filled out the customer service page/contact us and guess what? LG customer service never got back to me. So I bought a Whynter 10,000 btu unit that works great for my studio. The LG blew harder and colder when it worked.

I’m gonna try LG’s customer service one more time, but as of now I would like to say for the record:

LG customer service sucks!

“Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow detailed installation instructions in the Owner Manual.”

I’m guessing this is important. How does this look like when installed?

Looks OK as long as its close to window. I think it looks better than a window unit hanging on your window, but still makes for easy access to your house. People with winow units or stuff that wents out a window are a theifs dream, unless upstairs or have bars on window.

In case other readers didn’t catch it, let me make one thing clear: LG CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST IN THE INDUSTRY!

So far as I’m concerned, any LG product I’m considering buying would come “as-is, no warranty.”

Yes, that bad.

Apparently, folks’ experience with this unit is quite variable. Home Depot customer reviews seem to give very mixed results: They loved it (106 gave it the highest ratings), or hated it (43 gave it their lowest rating), with a smattering of in-between ratings. On reading the reviews, it seems to have longevity problems (often dies after a few months or less than a year), poor LG support, and it apparently spits water.

Anyone here have any experience with this model? Maybe a one-season/year wonder? I purchased a similar-sized & low-priced Haier model from Woot a few years ago that lasted only one season… are these cheap ones “disposable?”

At this price (note Home Depot’s price is $400, and LG’s LIST PRICE is $500 for this model), maybe one season is all one can reasonably expect?

It’s a single hose design. This means it is sucking in the air in the room to cool down the compressor and then venting it outside. This creates a negative pressure effect in a room so air must be drawn in from elsewhere (outlets, around windows etc.)

If you can find a double hose type it would be much better for cooling but they are also usually more expensive.

Careful buying a refurb A/C from Woot. I bought one a few years ago and the thing came full of old water, rusty, and with broken parts.

I don’t think it was a refurb as much as a return that sat in a wet warehouse for a few months!

After replacing broken parts and cleaning it up a bit, I am still using it, but buyer beware.

I had the opposite experience. My first flatscreen tv was an LG back in '08. After 6 months 25% of ths screen went black periodically. I called them, they sent someone out, he ordered a part and came back in a few days and installed it under warranty. That’s still my main tv in my living room today. Customer service with any company seems to be hit and miss.

Just to be clear - the repair man was sent by LG? Just want to make sure your not confusing an experience you had with calling BestBuy directly or somewhere you bought it from rather than LG directly. I’ve had no experience with LG CS so no clue but it would absolutely amaze me if a company the size of LG sent out a repair man to your home directly for a tv.

I have one. Remember “Lost in Space”? Now picture the Robot’s left arm sticking thru your window. There ya go.

That is what is stooping me from the big orange button. At least from the big box store which shall not be named, I can return it within two years, without the worry of 90 days on this refurbished

Using a similar unit currently (its LG and looks like this one, just in white). It is making the unbearable situation of losing the AC in July somewhat bearable. It is loud, but I will take that over sweating all night long. It does blow very cold air and I have not seen any issues with condensation – was actually just thinking about where does the water go…