LG 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners

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LG 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners
Price: $289.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jun 01 to Monday, Jun 04) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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who did the refurbishment? LG?

What the heck is the actual difference between them? Reading the specs, they don’t really look much different.

the only thing i can gather from the provided specs is that the GSR has an oscillating air vent

LG’s Site for LP1417GSR
[]BTU Performance 14,000
]Dehumid. (Pts/Hr) 3.1
[]Est. Cooling Area (Sq. Ft.) 500
]Fan Speed: Cooling 2
[*]dBA Level (Front) 54

LG’s Site for LP1414GXR
[]BTU Performance 14,000
]Dehumid. (Pts/Hr) 3.4
[]Est. Cooling Area (Sq. Ft.) 600
]Fan Speed: Cooling 3
[*]dBA Level (Front) 58

“portable” makes me think i can wheel it room to room as needed.

“ventilation to outdoors with window kit included” tells me i can really only use it in one room.

i set a different brand up for my parents, and it took two of us kids about 40 minutes to get the window kit installed properly.

i dont see this as really “portable” , it still is really only going to cool one area. unless you buy an extra window kit (even possible to install and leave in without letting heat in when not in use?).

what a pathetic site now. Everything is refurbished and just crap in general. Miss the old days.

The EERs are not given, which implies to me that efficiency is not their selling point. These type of “Portable” units are typically in the 6-8 EER range. Anybody know?

I am tempted to pull the trigger, I know these are inefficient as heck but I have a situation where this is all that will work. The old ac is not sounding too well.

I am a little nervous to pull the trigger after reading the comments in the last refurb Portable AC deal from May 16. Can anyone confirm who is doing the refurbishing and also how they are going to be shipped?

I have three of these portable units, one of them an LG. I can install one of these with the window kit in less than a minute. The ones i have are very simple; open the window, put the vent in the window, pull it out to expand and close the window.

If you can make due with a 10k instead, lowes has one at the price new.

Say what? We’ve sold refurbished items since the beginning. This is nothing new.

Refurbished by a 3rd party.

UPDATE: These are actually factory reconditioned meaning they are done by LG or a 3rd party they designate.

UPDATE x 2: It has an LG warranty. Contact their customer service for assistance if needed.

Why is this unit not compatible with extension cords?

I have a different portable that i bought around 5 years ago. One thing to be aware of is that the one i bought has an area that fills with water as part of the cooling process that needs to be drained when full.

If it is full the unit beeps and stops working until you empty the water … The description of this unit doesnt mention anything but based on the pictures it looks like it may be the same thing. Just something to be aware of

This was my question as well. My experience with these R2D2 units is that you must empty the water from them periodically.
That being said, if you’ve got narrow windows that won’t accommodate a conventional unit, these are a good option.

The challenge with most of these “portable” A/C units is they have no way to make up for the hot air they blow out your window.

That makeup air has to come from somewhere or your house would implode. :wink:

It comes from various leaks around your home. That incoming air is hot, unconditioned outside air.

The solution?

Awkward window A/C units where all the “hot bits” do their stuff outside the inside parts circulate your inside air across the cool coils… (Central A/C does the same thing.)

Or a more expensive (and much harder to find) portable model that brings in outside make up air thru the window and exhausts that same even hotter air thru a concentric or separate hose.

It is a shame the latter models are not more common. It cannot be that much more expensive to make them since the main difference is in the hose(s).

I have 2 Woot refurbs from 2 years ago and it takes me less than 10 minutes to set each up. However, I do have to add tape to gaps in the panels so bugs don’t get in.

I purchased an LG refurb two years ago and no issues
it is also a 14K and still cools great today, I like the portable at the end of summer I store it away.