LG 14K (10,000 BTU, DOE) Portable AC

LG 14K (10,000 BTU, DOE) Portable AC

dang it
this is the one i want(ed) to buy instead of that delonghi a few days ago

wirecutter blah blah

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It doesn’t say who did the refurbishing. That and the 90 day warranty are kinda red flags. It’s okay if you only want it for this summer.

They should also tell you it weighs 71 lbs.

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How would you install in a garage?

If there’s a window, you can see the easiest installation methods in the other images. If no window, you’ll end up needed to install a vent hole, similar to that of a dryer.

I recently picked one of these up for free off of NextDoor. The compressor wouldn’t turn on due to the condensate tank full error staying on. I ended up replacing the main board with one off eBay for $60. They seem to fail, just saying.

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Without hunting around on the internet for an explanation why are there 2 BTU ratings?

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Right. nowadays I suspect refurbishing means wiping it down, turning it on and off to see if it works.

They got a few things wrong the description
" * Cools large rooms up to 1,300 sq. ft. (50 ft. x 26 ft. size)

  • Ultra Quiet LoDecibel operation: down to 44 dB
  • Specs "

From LG
" * Noise Front dB (A) (High/Mid/Low/Sleep)

  • 53/50/47/44"
    " * Estimated Cooling Area 500 Sq. Ft"

Thank you. checking on the cooling area. The dB is correct - 44 dB in sleep mode.

Update: 500sqft is correct. We’ll contact customers that already purchased to let them know.

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Is there any manufacturer warranty on these beyond the 90-days that Woot is offering? I bought one of these new last year, and it does an amazing job. Looking to replace the old one in another room, and this price is a lot better… but if it craps out on me in one summer, that’s going to be annoying. Does this come with any sort of LG warranty?

They only overstated the coverage by 260%.

That’s what’s hinky about “refurbished” with no party stated.

I’d trust manufacturer refurbished and warranteed, like my DeLonghi refurb I bought from Costco. No problems at all.

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Hi there. No LG warranty. The warranty is the 90-day as noted in the sale.

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So who did the refurbish? Was it LG themselves? Or someone else? I think that’s important when buying refurbs.

Not LG. It’s done by one of our trusted vendors.

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so trusted, they don’t want to be named, apparently

How do we cancel orders? Incorrect specs are a pretty big difference :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, I know that Woot and Amazon in joined at the hip. I found these on amazon renewed products: “We want you to be delighted with your purchase, but if you aren’t completely satisfied, you are eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.”

So…I’m wondering if the same standard apply here. Will we be eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt if we are not completely satisfied for any reason?