LG 2.1 Channel 300W Sound Bar w/Wireless Subwoofer

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LG 2.1 Channel 300W Sound Bar w/Wireless Subwoofer
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Walmart Reviews

Most of those reviews on Walmart seemed to be promotional reviews. I feel like those probably make the reviews a bit suspect.

I have this one, bought at Costco for more money - it sounds really, really good. This is a great price, tempting to buy another one!

I have heard many units costing less and more that don’t sound as good. I got a more expensive Bose system for my dad for Christmas and this system sounds way better. The Bose had a remote that replaced the TV and cable box remote, which was nice, but sound quality was far worse.

I use mine for music when working in the garage. Sounds great and takes very little space.

The Bluetooth is sort of annoying. You need to re-pair your device every time you want to use it, which may be frustrating for use primarily as a music playback device. It also has optical and analog inputs so it will connect just fine to an audio out jack. I connect mine directly to an old iPod or to my mobile phone.

I have a very similar unit and while initially impressed, I am now vey disappointed. The first problem is that I can’t get the sound to sync properly with the picture. It is very close, but still off. There is supposed to be a setting to do that, but it only delays the sound and on it’s lowest setting it is still ahead. The worst part is that on certain programs it makes voices unintelligible. The other sounds drown out he voice, which really makes it useless. It’s too bad because the sound that does come out is not bad at all.

I purchased one of these a couple months ago from BestBuy for ~$200 and would definitely buy at this price if I needed a quality sound bar. I bought this model specifically for it’s height. It fits well under my LG 60" TV. It doesn’t quite fit flush under the sensor but, it’s pretty close and doesn’t cover the sensor (so, no issue using TV/Cable remote). Another nice thing I like about this model vs. most of the others including LG is instead of spelling out the source on the display ie… OPTICAL etc it just has a little dot under the sources name. It paired easily with my Alexa and phone. It is a little annoying going from one source to another but, it comes with a remote just push the “F” button at the top a couple times to find your input. Highly recommend at this price.

“Sound Sync Wireless
Simply link your LG Sound Bar with your compatible LG HDTV wirelessly via Bluetooth.”

Is this wireless system compatible with TVs that are not LG?

I purchased one of these from Costco a month ago. Actually was on phone with LG service last night. As it is inconsistent in coming up with TV and the HDMI function is flaky. Then sometimes it total locks up and thumping sounds come out of it. Have to remove power to reset. Scheduled to send it in for service now! Liked the features and sound was good when it works.

Are you connected over BT or using one of the wired connections? I’ve heard many complaints that BT is not always robust regarding keeping the sound synced with video. I’m surprised they recommend it as a primary way to link it to a TV.

" You need to re-pair your device every time you want to use it,"

Thank you.

it is my understanding this is not how sound bars are supposed to work. Therefore, I will take a pass.

I have this and have been very happy with it. This unit can get quite loud and the sub-woofer is a real thumper. I have had the best results connecting the TV and sound bar directly together with an audio optical cable. You can connect to your phone and play music via Bluetooth, but you will have to select the sound bar in your Bluetooth setting each time you do it. Great sound for the money!

Unfortunately, it looks like this particular feature is LG specific from the TV, so non-LG TVs can’t take advantage of it.

A lot of those reviews are directly from the LG website and shown as reviews on Walmart.com. The ones marked “Verified Purchaser” were bought from Walmart and are quite different. It’s possible LG censors the ones that appear on their site and that may be what you’re picking up on. There would probably be more like the person that returned it because the 2.1 soundbar didn’t come with the ability to add speakers.

I received this last week and finally got to set it up on Saturday. I was upgrading from a Vizio 2.1 soundbar with a wired subwoofer and was looking forward to using HDMI ARC with my TV.

Unfortunately, the sound bar appears to have a terrible ARC implementation. It seems to work OK with receiving audio and handling the CEC messages for volume control and mute, but it does a VERY poor job of passing the signal from the HDMI IN device to the TV. When I’ve activated ARC, I can’t get any audio from that HDMI device. If I then switch to the HDMI source, I can get audio, but the ARC feature from the TV stops working until I set it up again.

According to the user’s manual, this seems to be expected. They also note that even without ARC, they only pass PCM audio from a HDMI IN device to the HDMI OUT port.

The optical connection seemed to work fine, but then I lost the system audio control over CEC. I could also just not use the HDMI IN port, but then I’d lose an input on the TV permanently.