LG 22" HD 4K Ultra Fine LED Monitor Black

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LG 22" HD 4K Ultra Fine LED Monitor Black
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A Tiny Little Itty Bitty Twenty Two Inch 4K (Pronounced “Fork”) monitor for almost Two Hundred Dollars?

Does it come with a magnifying glass or is that *sold separately?

If you’re trying to run a 4K display and settle for a refurbished 21.5" monitor, you’re doing it wrong. Spend that $200 on a quality 27"+ monitor for not much more for an extra $100.

Not even that much. Woot has a very nice Samsung 28" 4K monitor for $220. I use this monitor and it’s great: Samsung 28" 4K Ultra-HD LED-Backlit Monitor

I don’t really see a purpose in getting 4K at 22".

This LG is an IPS display - should be better for color accuracy.

it is just has better pixel rate than most 4k’s, for a sharp crispier and crunchier image. It is good for who works on a text, small fine print etc… :smiley: LGs another marketing skill. Still is a good option or upgrade for a small screen macbook user tho.

Funny, consensus seem to be there’s not much point of 4k for a 22" (which I agree with) but a few days ago everyone seemed gung-ho about spending $600 for a 27" 5k, claiming it would be a noticeable difference over 4k. Being the owner of the very 28" 4k mentioned above, I had to disagree.

Can’t say for sure it wouldn’t be at all noticeable, not owning a 5k. But can say it wouldn’t be noticeable enough for me to spend almost 3 times as much.

Can someone suggest Displayport to USB-c cable for this? I intend to use it in Windows 10 with GTX 1080.

Never done research on that issue but you may consider a “combo approach” such as a USB-C to USB 3 adapter & a USB 3 to Display Port cable? Or something like that/vice versa/an adapter + a conversion cable combo? USB-C to HDMI + HDMI to Display Port?

Probably a different set of people.

Someone spending $600 for a 5K monitor has money to throw around on cool toys with limited practical value. At that price point and level of “early adoption”, you’re looking at an entirely different audience.

(A 22" 4k monitor isn’t even a cool toy - it’s just of limited practical value.)

This monitor is designed to integrate seamlessly with a Mac. If you have a MacBook Pro or other Mac w/ USB-C outputs I’d recommend it over any other monitor.

This will charge your device and add USB ports - granted only 2.0 but still.

In addition, the picture quality is fantastic and cannot be beat at this price point. It’s on par w/ the MacBook display itself.

Not to mention new this monitor is 699.

it is made for new MacBook Pro. $200 is not a bad price for them

Only this will work. https://www.apple.com/us-k12/shop/product/HLR62ZM/A/moshi-usb-c-to-displayport-cable

All the clueless people bashing this monitor for being too small, I bought it from woot 2 weeks ago and after using 3 other 27" 4K monitors (LG, Lenovo and BenQ), the color on this thing blows everything away. There is no comparison. Not to mention you can daisy chain USB-C devices.

The only problem with this monitor I see is, it needs a Thunderbolt USB-C output on your computer. Or you would need to buy this. Only this bi-directional cable would work. I haven’t tried this cable but they say it would work.

Thanks. I was about to buy ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 PCIe card, but this cable will do the job fine with less hassle.

No, because such a product does not exist. USB and DP are completely different technologies and you cannot “convert” between them.

USB 3.1 introduced, among other things, the Type-C connector and Alt Modes, which let you run other protocols over the physical USB-C medium. These Alt Modes include DP (and TB3, and HDMI) which is how this monitor works; it’s simply a DP connection over a Type-C cable, the latter being required and you can’t simply use any DP to drive this monitor.

Existing USB-C-to-DP cables are one-way; they simply take the DP signal that is otherwise routed out of the Type-C port. The only option for systems not natively equipped with DP-over-USB-C would be an expansion card like this, which adds Type-C ports and allows you to route a DP connection in and encapsulates it over one of the USB-C ports.

Thanks. I was eyeing on ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 PCI-e card as my motherboard supports it. It is conceptually the same product as the one you linked.

I also will probably try the Moshi cable KetanJ linked above. It does DP-to-USB-C surprise surprise.

The good thing with the Moshi is you can return to Apple store if it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

This is a ridiculously good deal—if you have a compatible computer (which should be any computer with a Thunderbolt 3 port).

Unfortunately my 2015 Macbook Pro wouldn’t be able to drive this monitor at full 60 Hz. I would buy this if I did have a compatible computer.