LG 22" HD 4K Ultra Fine LED Monitor Black

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LG 22" HD 4K Ultra Fine LED Monitor Black
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I use a 40" 4K monitor as a computer monitor and the text is microscopic!

22" will be totally useless as a PC monitor without massive scaling. If I had it to do over, I’d go 50"!

This is just madness.

I bought this in a previous sale. It works well, looks nice, and does indeed work with a non-Mac as long as your PC has DP over USB-C. Note that this has limited management outside of MacOS (e.g. brightness adjustment, although there’s a 3rd-party software solution) but for the price this is a nice intro into an UHD display (albeit a small one, and at a non-standard resolution, i.e. not 3840x2160.)

True, you definitely have to use zooming/scaling, but other than that it’s nice for displaying high-res images and video.

Having recently moved to 27" at 2560x1440 I’d agree, unless scaling is working really well (which some say is still somewhat hit or miss in Windows). For 4k I don’t think I’d want to go smaller than 30", but then again some young whipper-snappers with eagle eyes probably do better with tiny text than I do.

You know, I hear this argument all the time for desktop monitors. But nobody complains that their phone resolution is too high. But for some reason, blocky text on a desktop monitor is okay. You can make the argument that Windows still has scaling issues. But I have my 12.5" 1080p laptop set at 125% and there’s very little these days that doesn’t play well with it. Although I always prefer resolutions that work well at 200% scaling as then there is no issue at all. But unfortunately manufacturers want to be able to put 4K on everything. Even though for 12-13" laptops, 3200x1800 works great with a 200% scale.

I purchased two of these monitors - the color temperature differed so greatly between the two that I needed to do extensive color correction to even get it close. Plus, one of them had a purple color bleed on the top and right only noticeable when white windows (like a web browser) were moved to the right or top, but still very disappointing. I ended up keeping the one good one. Beware that the color temp varies wildly and quality control seems low, but if you get a good one, they are wonderful displays.

I personally use a pair of 28" 4K monitors at 100% scaling, and I really like the extra space due to the smaller pixels. But yeah, 22" at 4K does seem to be overdoing it. But then of course, this is meant for Macs, which handle scaling a lot better.

Nonsense. There are plenty of 12" laptops with 1080… This is basically 4 of those stacked in one screen. Though not as critical for text, the images will first of all fit on the screen almost native resolution, and the detail will be perceivable by almost everyone. Scale it to 125%-150% and you should have no problems with text either. Windows10 does great job scaling the ui and text. I agree there’s a point of ridiculousness in resolution (like, I can’t tell past 1080 on a cellphone, and really didn’t care much since they achieved 720 on a 5.5 screen), but 4k is DEFINITELY noticeably better than 1080 on a 22".

Hey can you post images to show the color difference? In case that we receive defective ones. Thanks!

These aren’t meant to be used without scaling. All USB-C equipped Macs come with Retina displays. This monitor would be scaled 200% for effective resolution of 2048 x 1152.

Received mine today and plugged it in. No dead pixels and color accuracy seems nearly perfect and exactly the same as my 15” MacBook Pro display.

Nex,t I set it up alongside the 27” LG variant of this same monitor (also purchased from woot) that has been color calibrated and colors seemed identical to the naked eye.

Very happy with this purchase and for the price it was a steal!


Received mine and tested it today. Less than stellar results: the right side of the monitor has a blue tint and the height adjustment straight up doesn’t work. Disappointed, because otherwise it seems like it’d be a fantastic addition to the desk.

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

Reached out and am thrilled to report that woot quickly was able to quickly ship me a replacement that’s absolutely perfect - neither of the aforementioned problems. Thanks for remedying the issue lightning fast!