LG 22" UltraFine 4K IPS Monitor

LG 22" UltraFine 4K IPS Monitor

In the “features” section for this item you guys repeatedly re-paste an incorrect value for the horizontal resolution; it’s 4096 instead of 4069 pixels. The info is correct in the “specs” tab but it’s clear someone is just copying this over from previous sales without having proofread it first.

I’m a little confused, can this monitor only be used with Apple products or can it be used with a PC too?

This is only compatible with a Mac - do not purchase for a PC

Does anyone know if this comes with the required USB-C cable? This woot listing says that the monitor is in the box with no mention of anything else. The new listing from the LG site indicates that the USB cable is included.

I bought one of these in November. The one I received did include the USB-C cable

Mine works with a PC. Although I use it primarily with a mac.

Stop it. You don’t know what you’re talking about. They advertise this as “for Apple” because now all Macbook have USB-C ports. I have had this work with a Pixelbook and a Dell XPS.

Thanks - that’s very helpful - appreciate it!

Thanks mate!