LG 230W Bluetooth Hi-Fi System

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LG 230W Bluetooth Hi-Fi System
Price: $64.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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1990 called, it wants it’s boombox back. Plenty of negative reviews on this system and seems to have high refurbished quantities for a reason.

I bought 2 last time the deal came up. CD player on one unit stops working about 10 songs in on the disc. Sound quality is good, Bluetooth works just fine with Ipods. The other unit works in all areas but doesn’t deliver bass like the first unit…but hey they look cool!

Power Consumption: 45W DOES NOT EQUAL 230W !!!

At 100% efficiency, the best it can do is 45W!

(There is no such thing as 100% efficiency when converting energy to various forms. There is always loss when converting. You can never have more come out than you put in.)

Many manufacturers advertise their audio products using Peak-To-Peak rating or sometimes Peak. The RMS rating is the only one that should be considered.

Unit with AC power adapter rated 24 Volts AC @ .5 Amps. That’s 12 watts of raw power that will be converted into sound. Theoretically, that would be the most audio power (RMS) that it can produce. Well here is what they do … Peak Power = RMS X 1.414. 17 Watts sounds better than 12, let’s put that on our box!! Better yet, Peak-To-Peak = Peak X 2. WOW! 34 Watts from this small unit! They will love it!!

Welcome to 1970a car stereo amp ratings.it has not changed in 50 years

Yeah, I ran a repair shop for a 3-location car stereo shop in the early 90s and I have worked at Krell and Mark Levinson too.

The last item in the specs ids that it has a remote, but no details on what functions are available on the remote. I’m looking for a Mute button on the remote. Anyone know if this has one?

I’ve always found all LG Products to be junk. They used to be called Gold Star at one time but because they had such a bad rep they changed the name to LG.

The online manual shows a mute button on the remote.