LG 26” LCD Widescreen Monitor

1 LG 26” LCD Widescreen Monitor

$399.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

Nice. At 1920x1200 resolution, this is the first “widescreen” LCD I think I’ve seen on Woot that actually has more pixels than my 1600x1200 LCD.

Edit: I just noticed that this only comes with a VGA cable, no DVI. Not a huge deal, but if you want to use it and get a high quality pic out of the box, you should probably head over to monoprice and pick up a DVI cable as well.

Boo. If it had more inputs maybe it would be worth it. Maybe a component connection too?

If i didnt pay $199 for LG 22" from woot before, It is a definitely buy. So far, it has been 2 monthes, and I have no problem with my 22" LG fromm woot. I would buy it!

no HDMI??? you taunt me woot…do not make that mistake again

ACER 24"!!!

If this had an HDMI input, I’d be alllllllllll over it baby

Man, at 4 hundy that is a bit high for a woot but the early returns are favorable. The amount of time I spend on the computer blogging this could be a decent and well used buy for me.

That’s 2.304.000 pixels!


Then again, 26" is big enough to make me dizzy, and poor college student doesn’t have $400 after paying tuition and housing.

This would be nice if it was:

  1. not refurbished
  2. had an HDMI port

This is a 26" monitor… I expect the normal consumer to use it for other things too like Xbox 360, PS3, etc. Between this monitor for $399 and a comparable 26" LCD tv – which would have an ATSC tuner built in – I’d choose the TV.

It doesn’t look like it rotates into portrait mode? I’d buy it if it did that. I don’t have any use for widescreen but I sure need me some tallscreen.

I like how the picture shows the connectors. I wish all products did that.

Why do you need HDMI? This monitor supports HDCP, so just get a HDMI to DVI adaptor, since HDMI and DVI video signals are pin compatible.

looks like this time I had to be the dude who just bought a similar item for more money at a store just to come home and find this thing on woot…

I got the acer P243WAid 24in this morning

…at least mine has an HDMI port and isn’t refurbished :slight_smile:

If this monitor does indeed support HDCP then why is everyone whining? The only advantage HDMI has over DVI is the ability to carry audio, but this monitor has no speakers so it doesn’t matter.

and the DVI cable is included. I love acer monitors, especially for the price.

Why would you need a HDMI pug again? Yes the Acer is a good monitor. But LG is way more reliable. Acer dies after 4 years or so

HAHA I guess little Gobin was pretty happy to see Woot make a mistake in the last line(last word). “From surfing the net to editing video to detailed graphics work to just cheering up your co-workers when they feel a little obsolete, you’ve got something to make every type of person happy, right HEAR.”

Here is a link to a very cheap HDMI adapter so you whiners can plug in your HDMI cable to this monitor http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10419&cs_id=1041902&p_id=2029&seq=1&format=2

comes out to about $5 shipped

guys its not going to have hdmi because it doesnt have speakers. I know most of yall r just lookin for something to complain about but just saying. I’ve got an lg 22" flatron (was new not refurb) and to me personally its has one of the best pictures Ive ever seen.