LG 27" 5K Ultra Fine LED Monitor Black

Thank goodness, I have a 65" 4K monitor, I could never imagine trying to view 5K content on 27". I would have to enlarge the text and icons and such, which sort of defeats the purpose. Also, spent less for my 65" Vizio than this itty bitty tiny monitor.

You’re completely missing the point. This is a Mac Retina Display. With the 2x scaling, this becomes a 2560x1440 desktop area.

Are these from the same vendor as last time? I returned this the last time it was on sale; there were quality issues with the refurb and I wasn’t going to risk a 90 day warranty on an expensive item like this.

I’m sorry. I don’t have that information.

Had to return mine. Sync issues, would blink on and off with the laptop screen also going black intermittently. Shame bc its a beautiful image (when it works).