LG 28" 720p LED HDTV

Vizio recently had their 27" 1080p Razor LED HDTV (with apps) on sale for $179…I bought two and are using them for PC monitors…They are great…

Time to check out the product page and pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Can i plug a 1TB Hard drive into the tv? Does it support diff formarts? Also do you deliver in South Africa and if something goes wrong, where do i take the tv to be fixed? Thanks

Not a great deal. LG’s warranty service exhibits a high degree of negative pressure.

This comes with a one-year warranty, but good luck getting it out of LG. I’ve stopped buying LG because of several denied warranty claims. Usually their dodge is, “You didn’t purchase from an LG Authorized reseller.” (Like I’m supposed to know.)

Be aware of this LG policy. If I were going to buy this, it’s an automatic SquareTrade buy, too.

For that price… I’d go for the 1080p instead.

But still a good deal

I’m sorry but the only woot site that ships outside the USA is shirt.woot.

Check out some reviews from Best Buy

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If your only need is a TV… perhaps.

But don’t expect to use this as a dual-purpose PC monitor since it is not full HD. (1080P vs 720P)

1366 x 768 resolution does not cut it for a large PC monitor. (Or any size PC monitor for that matter these days.)

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the… what do you call it? Flavor text? Flavor story? You know, the “LED vs Lead” bit on the side.

But seriously, appreciate it.