LG 3D 1080P 120Hz LED TV with Smart TV

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LG 3D 1080P 120Hz LED TV with Smart TV
$899.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Very clean looking TV, really thin, but… smart too? :slight_smile: 47" and 55" available.

Somebody give me a reason NOT to buy this TV?!

you’re too tall?

For those struggling with the prices,

55" $899.99
47" $649.99

When you select one of the sizes, the price shows beside the selection.

And yes, we’ve done this before with the artificial bushes and memory foam mattresses.

Now, go forth and buy 3.

Throw in some Dramamine and you might have a deal. I played my nintendo 3DS and ended up turning the 3D to about 15% after 10 minutes of playing.

Also, is 3D tv really even that grand? It can’t really be that great can it?

Does this TV come with 3D glasses?

my friend has this tv (55inch). it’s really good and the 3d really pops. also you can use the 3d glasses you get at movie theaters so you never run out of glasses for friends.

Just to check… it is Wifi Ready, but the adapter is included? Therefore, no other adapter card is needed.

Wi-Fi® Ready: Yes (Adapter Included)

This was enough to scare me off a bit - the review by Niuvaca - http://www.amazon.com/LG-Infinia-47LW5600-47-Inch-LED-LCD/product-reviews/B004OOTRPC/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_1?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&filterBy=addOneStar


Comes with 2 pairs of LG Passive Cinema3D glasses (no power required)

Plasmas are cheaper with much better image quality, more realistic film playback, better blacks, better viewing angles and so on. As far as LCD tech goes, 120hz theoretically should mean smoother 24P playback (since it divides evenly into 120 and not 60), but poor implementations mean that’s not always the case – and the “smooth motion” interpolation crap is horrendous. Other than high-end local dimming displays, LED backlighting generally yields inferior consistency and color accuracy as a tradeoff for that bit of extra thinness and energy savings vs traditional CCFLs. Also 3D is a stupid gimmick from the 1950s that seriously needs to go away.

So you’re stealing from movie theaters now?

For those not aware, passive 3d technology reduces the number of horizontal lines that each eye can see by half, so instead of 1080, each eye can only see 540 lines. Is it noticeable? Yes. Is the picture different than active shutter technology? Yes, the picture is much brighter, but lower resolution. Are passive 3d glasses cheaper than active 3d glasses? Yes. Is it worth it? That depends entirely on you and your preference!

Oh it can. I have the newer model (47LM7600) and the 3D is SO AWESOME. Not to mention that it doesn’t give me a constant headache like Active Shutter does. Downside to this model is that the contrast ratio is only 7mil, and the refresh rate is only 120Hz. But 55" for $900? Not too shabby.

(And I know, Passive 3D isn’t “true 1080p”, but honestly, I’m a resolution and pixel density snob, and all 3D movies I’ve watched on it thus far have looked extremely crisp.)

Difference between LW5700 and LW5600: LW5700 doesn’t have local dimming.

Also, does this even have a remote? Under specs, this:

In the Box:
• (1) LG 3D LED SmartTV (choose 47" or 55")
• (2) Pairs of Passive 3D Glasses
• (1) Wi-Fi Adaptor for Wireless Connectivity

Where’s the remote???

[MOD: It was accidentally omitted from the list. It’s been added. Thanks! (TT)]

I’m not condoning the practice but they do charge you extra and they only say “Please Recycle”. If they really wanted them back, they’d stop you at the exit to retrieve them. IMHO

Model numbers are 55LW5700 and 47LW5700. I didn’t see any Amazon reviews on this specific model, but there are costco reviews on at least the 55 inch and they’re glowing. of course, they won’t reflect the quality of the refurbishment.

None. Sweet deal. Which size are you going for?