LG 4.1CH SoundPlate w/ Built-in Subwoofer & Bluetooth

Check out the product page for the LAP340 and LAP240

So… right that this is only a Bluetooth connection - no other input options?

Looks like it can use optical audio if your TV doesn’t do Bluetooth.

Reviews over at Newegg

Should this be used with your TV speakers turned on also?
Or is this better used as a stand alone audio source?

I would say any time you’re using an external audio device you should turn off the TV built in speakers, though just for giggles you should have them both on and vary the volume of each so you can hear what it sounds like

As indicated, these only have optical and Bluetooth connections. I own two of them, and they meet my needs, which is to provide better sound than the built-in speakers of my living room and family room televisions. Both rooms are large with cathedral ceilings and the sound always seemed to get “lost” in there.

I bought both units from the “open box” clearance area at Sam’s Club. The guy working there told me both of them were bought and returned by older folks who bought them to find their televisions didn’t have one of those new-fangled optical connections. It worked for me, since I ended up getting them for half-price.

My DirecTV remotes control the units and I have the built-in speakers disabled on my televisions. Everything works great.

So how does this work? Do I feed all of the audio into the TV from the various components (cable box, DVD, Roku) and then hook up the TV to this?

I have the LAP240. I have a 32" TV in my bedroom and most of the soundbars were too wide for the stand it is on.

This fits nicely, looks good and the sound is much improved over the built in TV speakers. For a normal sized room, it sounds great and it’s nice to be able to pair it with my phone and stream music when the TV is off.

The only annoyance I had was that none of the remote codes on my DVR remote would control the volume on this thing, so I either had to use the separate remote that came with the unit to control the volume or get a learning universal remote and teach it all the soundbar commands. [Note: with the digital optical out, changing the TV volume will -not- change the volume on the soundbar.]

Only inputs are Bluetooth and optical, which is fine for modern TVs, but there is no L/R stereo cable input.

Thumbs up.

Yes, it just has one optical input, so plug all the devices into your TV and then the optical out from your TV into the soundbar.

If you don’t have an optical out, you are out of luck with this thing.

Can this be wall-mounted, or does it have to sit horizontal? It would be nice to have something like this under my wall-mounted TV.

I just read someplace that the balance between the subwoofers and the other speakers cannot be adjusted. Is that so? Deal breaker if true. Also, does it have to go under the TV for some reason? In my installation there no room above the TV. Can it go beside/behind?

How does this compare to say a samsung 2.1 soundbar with woofer?

Has anyone tried the codes available with TiVo to control the volume? (Perhaps the LG codes?)

Interested, but not if it won’t work with my TiVo remote.

I nearly went for a “near” $299 MSRP LG Soundplate to match with my thin bezel, LG 55" LA6970 early last year…until I found out, that it has no SimpLink HDMI connection.

So, I ended up getting a hard to find 310W LG NB4532B 42" Soundbar/Subwoofer set, as it was only $149 (LG Authorized refurb), when I got it back then.


Performance-wise, the $50 difference (say, to this " high end" 120W LAP340), was well worth it. The wattage edge in itself, was a no-brainer. This ultra slim LG soundbar model was so designed, to fit on my LG stand. Both LG models, complement each other.

Pass. I’m dubious of the claims made on the power handling and “built-in subwoofer.” Also, the lack of ports is a deal breaker. I would love to have something like this as a decent center channel, but it isn’t designed for that. Maybe for Apple TV or Chromecast it’s fine, but not for general watching.

In for one for the Jun 27 & 28 and the Jul 3, 4 & 5 webcasts.

The way these work is that they learn the code for your TV so you can use the remote you’re already using. In other words, yes, this will work with your TiVo remote.

Just delivered… I likely can’t do anything with it before the weekend. BUT I did find one extra that would’ve been nice if they had mentioned it up front. It came with a digital audio cable.

Had I known that I would not have needed to look around for an inexpensive cable, and order it. The cable is coming from China and will likely take another couple of weeks, but I wouldn’t’ve ordered it had I known that this came with one.

So thanks, but it would’ve been more appreciated if you had listed that up front (I did find a listing of what was in the box, and that cable was definitely not listed.)