LG 42" 1080p LED HDTV



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LG 42" 1080p LED HDTV
$399.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Remember that time when we had TWO FOR TUESDAY and




You know, I could use a little TV for the living room. But I’ve already spent too much this week.


what if we want the TV in the TV, how much for that?


I can find that for you. But it’ll cost about $2k.


The 42" Hisense from a few weeks ago was $100 cheaper. At this price point, you can get a new 42" with a full warranty for less money.


From Wikipedia

Manufacturer terminology

LG calls their 100 Hz + technology “TruMotion”. In the U.S., 120 Hz is called “Real Cinema 24”.


Good thing it’s “Enery” Star Qualified.


According to Amazon, this looks like the model with no audio out. Is this right?

[MOD: Fixed Link. Also, you are linking to the L3400. We are selling the L4400.]


The specs show both digital and analog audio out.


So do they want us to by this with the HD MEDIA PLAYER over on Tech.Woot?

Sounds like a plan, rly.


That’s how we get the lower prices. :tongue: Energy Star ratings would have been more expensive.

Seriously, thanks for noting it. I’ve passed it on for fixing.

PS: It’s fixed.


I just ordered LG 42LK450 from Amazon for about 370. How does this model stack up versus the other?


Best photo on screen EVER. That’s woot! solid gold right there, folks!


I just ordered LG 42LK450 from Amazon for about 370. How does this model stack up versus the other?

Yours is 60 Hz and is not LED back-lit. According to this:


Without a television, you’re just some codger who sits alone and rages. But if you own a LG 42" 1080p LED HDTV, even if it just sits in the corner, you’re making a statement. You’re choosing not to watch that television. It’s no longer about being contrary, it’s about exercising your rights as an American. And, in our opinion, that makes all the difference.
Go for gold and buy at least one.


This is a great deal!


Does anybody know if this will work with the Apple TV 2 streaming HDCP compliant content? I couldn’t locate the model number on LG’s website to find this information. Thank you in advance for your comments.


I’m guessing the TV model is actually the 42LV4400 (couldn’t find any 42L4400KGB).

thus the lowest price I could find was $584 @buy.com

As per LG, the 42LV4400 is a discontinued model.

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