LG 47" 1080p LED HDTV

**Item: **LG 47" 1080p LED HDTV
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Is this the same TV with the picture of the pug each time or are they different TVs using the same screen image?
Cause I’ve seen that dog an awful lot it seems

Why are ST warranties so expensive on Woot? A 3-Year coverage for a $350-400 TV is $33 on Amazon. Is there some kind of secret sauce included with the ones here, or is someone trying to milk us?

Squaretrade is in the business to make money.
They don’t normally cover Refurbished TV’s period.
They have learned that refurbished TV’s tend to fail more often than new.
Third parties often do the refurbishes.
They will make special agreements to cover refurbished TV’s for 1 year with some vendors depending on the make and model of the TV and who did the refurbishment.
The higher cost of the warranty is a reflection of the Risk Squaretrade is taking in covering the product.

Dang, How many junk TV’s does LG make, I see refurb LG TV’s all the time!!

Wow I have a 60" LG which is amazing. So on the fence as to buying this one for my bedroom

I have not owned this TV for 2 years now, and I can honestly say I have had not one bit of trouble with it.

I also must agree with others who are saying “mucho kudos” on the speedy shipping lately, although I might have put it differently as I have never used the words “mucho” and kudos" together in the same sentence since… the accident.

How’s that for a quality post, woot!?

What happened to the Vizio ???

I was wondering the same thing. Was going to buy that 50" one. But 47" for $100 less might be nice too.

Anyone have any thoughts/experience w/ this actual model?

Across ALL LG TV’s, about 1-3 years old, a huge amount of them had defective power boards or control boards. So many so that the parts were often back-ordered at times causing LG to replace the entire TV. Also, I bet that a lot of them failed within the return period as well adding to all of this. THAT is why there are so many refurbs.

So does that mean the refurbs have had these issues worked out and are generally okay, or does it seem like there are issues with the devices in general even past refurbishing them?

Have you looked at best buy online at 60" tvs and noticed how many Sharp and Samsung TVs for sale are refurbished? The count is the same if not higher than TVs they sell that aren’t refurbished within that 60" search.

Just an observation such as your own.