LG 47" 1080p LED HDTV

Someone above mentioned external speakers. I suspect all slim TVs have the crappy speaker issue. I already have my HT speaker setup that I use for movies and sports, but many times I only want to have the TV on to save power and not piss off the neighbors. Could someone recommend a pair of CHEAP, simple and small speakers for my TV?


I bought this exact TV off of Woot for this price just over a month ago and it has been nothing short of perfect. The picture is fantastic. The sound isn’t the greatest I’ve heard from a TV, but we also don’t have an additional speaker set or anything and still have no real complaints about it. If you’re really into entertainment technology and all that, you may want to get some speakers and stuff to complement this TV.

If you’re an average guy like me who just wants a good picture, this TV is a steal. Again, no complaints on the sound, just noting that those who are really, really into technology might have some complaints with the sound.

I think it’s great. Best deal I’ve purchased on Woot!

AMEN! I received a woot refurb LCD…and returned because of the horrible packaging- apparently damaged in shipping or ??? The vendor used for that woot apparently does not make any attempt to package contents for FEDEX ground/USPS delivery…mine had only 4 pieces of foam (1 on each corner) to “protect” a 47" flatscreen and the original cardboard box turned inside out for shipment. :frowning: It was returned for refund.

I love Woot! but I must tell you that the 47LV4400 was a total disaster for LG & Amazon.

I was going to buy one last year but they had so many problems and complaints on the Amazon page that the model was removed.

Clearly these refurbished 47LV4400’s are the ones returned.

I would seriously stay away from this! I opted for a new model from LG and am quite happy!

I have been looking for a good deal in a LED this size and when I saw this I thought, today may be the day! But, even with your glowing review (which I have no reason to doubt) all the horror stories on shoddy packaging and damaged goods has me scared off now. Until I start seeing some great reviews on packaging, I will continue to pass.

Woot has a 90 Day warranty for a reason. I’ve had problems with shipping before and Woot customer service as never failed to provide quick and easy service. That’s one of the great parts about deal hunting on Woot, you don’t have to worry about the shipping, just your time and your bottom line.

I don’t care if it was new LG tv’s must have a high failure rate, I see the refurbs all the time…PASS.

Just pick up a basic set of stereo computer speakers according to your budget. Make sure that they are not USB speakers, then you just plug them into the headphone or audio jack on the TV, and voila, cheap and easy audio upgrade!

Most likely it was true that we didn’t have replacements at that time. Subsequent sales have been from new orders placed with our vendor. Customer Service doesn’t have access to info for future sales and can’t make replacements from them. Sorry for the problems. I hope you’ll give us another chance.

Debating between snatching this now or waiting for black Friday. I dont need it now. I wanted to stay within this price range.

I need a 46 inch, probably using a 360 for Netflix and maybe boxee if I don’t get a smart tv.

Help! How do I cancel a order? I contacted service but have not received a response. Is woot open on Saturday?

Usually Member Services only responds to cancellations Monday through Friday. You can email them at service@woot.com and include your username, order number and the word “CANCEL” in the subject line.

If you are unable to cancel your order, I’ve also forwarded your issue onto Member Services and someone should respond shortly.

Woot Staff

I have all the confidence in the world Woot would make it right but my time does mean somthing and I don’t want to be taking it up shipping and re-shipping. But, thank you for the reply.

Thank you!

Hello NSoccer2,
Your order has been cancelled and refunded.
Please allow a few business days for a refund to appear in your account.
Woot Member Services

$5, that’s it!

I don’t know what everyone else is complaining about. I bought one a few months back and there’s been no issues what so ever. I’m coming back to purchase another right now. Thanks woot!

I would like to take a moment to say that it was FANTASTIC of Raoul from home.woot to pose for the image on the LG 47" 1080P LED HDTV.


Way to go WOOT! Now that is EXTREME Customer Service. Sunday no less.

According to CNET you should never buy a refurbished TV. Here is a link to the CNET article: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33153_7-57509549-10391733/three-tech-items-you-should-never-buy-refurbished/