LG 47" 1080p LED HDTV

That’s it. ‘nuff’ said for me. Thanks for the post and the save. May consider the ‘open box’ route at Wally World next time they have an offer. At least you can see what you are taking home and the warranty is the same as brand new. Much better gamble I believe.

So true. I’m not sure how LG TVs ever get to their destinations unharmed. I bought one a few weeks ago from a different online retailer and I’m in the process of returning my third one… this time they’re just giving me a full refund. LG’s packaging just can’t stand up to the brutality of UPS.

Today is Saturday…

Refurbs come with factory warranty, don’t they?

Well, you are of course exactly right. Once retired you have the luxury of losing track of days! So, with that said, Way to go Woot! Saturday no less!!

Ordered one of these couple of months ago and never received.
g. thornton

Got mine this week and it arrived with its own problem, turn it on and it turns itself off in 5 seconds. Quality control on this refurb is a sham.

Not always. It depends on who does the refurbishing. Always check the warranty to be sure.

I hope you emailed service@woot.com!

Sorry for the problems. Email service@woot.com and they’ll give you some options.

Actually thought of that right after I posted. Took the unused cheapie Logi sub and 2 speakers from my office and hooked them up to my Sammy LCD I just bought a couple weeks ago.

Seemed like a great idea except I was dumb enough to assume the TV volume would also control the output to external speakers. It sounds great, but with the volume difference between plain old TV and Netflix going through the speakers at various times, I am really bummed about having to crawl around the set and adjust the volume manually on the speakers.

Think I’ll put up with the sh*tty TV speaker sound for most stuff and only use the PC speakers for Netflix.

I got the 21.5 Toshiba monitor,but its missing VGA cables.I got two power cables instead.Help

Sorry for the late reply.
We’re sorry to hear you received your order with missing VGA cables.
Please email into service@woot.com and we’ll be glad to assist you with your order.

Woot Staff

WOW, what a piece of stinky. Poorly packaged box of broken plastic on arrival. Can’t imagine what would happen if I plug it in.

Woot: Help!

This was an expensive lesson.

Ditto Cosmicac:

Got mine with distorted crystals and crashed mount piece. Even looked for the option to upgrade shipping because of these reviews among others. Found nothing, so I took a gamble. No jackpot here :frowning: Just sent my e-mail to customer service…I hope they act fast. Or A first time Wooter could turn into a last time one very rapidly.

I had so much faith in Woot (tear)

We’re sorry to hear you guys received your televisions in the conditions you described.

Please feel free to click the Support Page or contact us at support@woot.com and we’ll be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your order.

Thank you for your ongoing patience with these shipping matters.

Woot Staff

Did any one else’s TV show up broken?
This is what mine looks like! Help me woot! I don’t want to pay for shipping and make this a $600 purchase!

Oh no!
I hope you mailed support@woot.com right away. Sorry that happened to you!

I’ve had my TV for about 50 days and now it won’t turn on. I’ve already emailed woot support. Anyone else have this issue?