LG 47" 1080p LED HDTV



769.49 on Amazon with fantastic reviews.



As much as the customers love it at Amazon, CNET has some not so kind words to say.


Probably doesn’t mean much but Fry’s had this same tv but new for $450 on black friday and it has dipped around there since.


Does anyone know why there’s a LAN port on it? I’m not seeing anything about it being a smart TV. Only reason I can think of is for the DLNA features.


I’ve been looking for a reliable TV about this size but I really wanted 3D. Too bad this isn’t capable or I would have had to jump (even if it meant that it would cost a bit more).


Does the yellow outlined port on the top Component input double as a composite input?

I still need that type of input for several things around my media center.


2 things: 1) Firmware updates and 2) DLNA content. It’ll access computers and such but it has no other smart features.

About the tv. I had it and paid $499 for it from Best Buy’s Clearance section. The reasons were it’s blacks were infact pretty awful as CNet describes. Mine also had the blotchy backlight bleed that was in patches near the middle, top left and middle-lower left. So strange. At the time, a trumotion setting wasn’t available in the menu but I think that was remedied with a firmware update. It’s also not a 120Hz panel but still moves fairly nice. The remote was fairly nice but I constantly bumped wrong 3 buttons that are located above the square-circle nav thing.

Things to also know, all the ports point outwards. So if you mount it “super low profile”…you’ll need room behind it to connect things to it.

I traded it for the 3D version, 47LM46000. It’s slightly better with blotchiness. This one only has one small one top-center left and a top left light bleed. 3D is solid but sit the right distance or it’s crap. Blacks are slightly better but probably not enough to write home about. These two tv’s probably use the same panel so blotchiness will be there but vary on a tv to tv basis.

Final note, it seems mid-range tv’s as of late have a huge MEH factor when it comes to black levels. I have a 2 year old Vizio 42" that makes either of the two LG’s I talked about look silly.

Hope that helps.


Frys has a 47" LG 3D 120HZ LED for $549 with free shipping.


The port is only good for a firmware update. I bought one over Xmas at BB, I am a Samsung guy. This unit has a great pic. Do not like the intelliview that seems to change the screen depending on the light in the area. Once it is tweaked great picture… Sound ok… Just worth the asking price Would buy again for the price…


The grandpa on the screen is rocking that surfboard!!! Surf on, Gramps!


We have the 32" version of this TV in the master bedroom, and it has a more crisp and clean picture than our 42" Sharp Aquos (the former reigning champion) in the living room with much leaner energy use. At this price a small part of me would like the kiddo to throw a brick at the Sharp today…


I don’t think that comparison is fair and means much. Of course a smaller sized TV will make the image look crisper all things being equal, since you would have a bigger pixel density. That being said, I’ve had only good impressions from the 3 LG TVs I’ve owned.


We did some poking around Fry’s but didn’t find anything matching that price.

Anyway, this seems to be a cool TV for less to me. :slight_smile:


We have this TV for more than a year. Just FANTASTIC!!! Picture is sooo clear and crisp. Would recommend it without hesitation.


The LAN port is for firmware updates (of which there have not yet been any) and yes, the DLNA which actually works fine, though the built-in player is very basic. This is not a smart TV (no FB, Netflix, etc.)

Great TV for the price though (got it @ Fry’s for $449; shows up there at that price every 2-3 weeks or so).


Yes. I have this television, and I run an 8-port composite switch box into this port for all my old school consoles. Also, the optical out is nice because I basically use the TV as my receiver and optical out to my turtle beach headphones, then from those to a speaker bar.


I bought this TV from Fry’s and have been extremely happy with it. To note, the default energy saver setting does not work well with a lot of video games because the contrast sucks for darker levels. I use this as my computer monitor, to hook up my old school game consoles, and Xbox 360 via HDMI. Looks great to me for all of those. I also got an LG speaker bar with optical in. The remote for the speaker bar controls this TV which is handy as heck.


LG site shows there is a LAN port


This is the tv he was referring to. It isn’t free shipping though, it’s store pickup only.
http://www.frys.com/product/7348654?site=sa:Video Pod:Pod2