LG 47" 1080p LED HDTV

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An abundance of positive Reviews at Amazon - 4 star avg

LG is above average on the latest PC Magazine readers survey:

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LG 47LS4600.AUS: Support, Manuals, Warranty & More | LG USA Support

I bought this new about 6 months ago for around $600. So far, so good, but compared to a refurbished Vizio that I got from Woot for my sister, the picture of the LG seems less vivid. However, the LG has better options and customization of picture and sound and doesn’t do an annoying cutting off part of the frame like the Vizio does on some settings.

It has been very good for playing anything I throw at it on a USB drive including AVI, MP4 and MKV files.

I knew these things when I bought mine, but note that it is does not have internet apps. The pictured LAN port is only for firmware updates. It also does not have closed captioning, which I miss more than I thought I would. Your cable box may or may not have CC function built in, mine doesn’t.

Overall I’m happy with the LG, but for pure picture quality I actually like the Vizio a bit better (which is probably opposite what almost all the professional review sites say).

Spend another $300 and get a Vizio smart 3d 47". No blur, great picture in 2d or 3d (very few sources) passive 3d glasses. I’ve had this for 4 months and am very happy with it.

Or buy an LG Smart TV 3d passive wifi like I did.

But I don’t want 3D.

Generally the 3D TV’s will come with better panels. My next TV will be 3D and I will never watch anything 3D.

Why is quantity only limited to 1?

From reading a few independent reviews this model does not come with TruMotion as advertised. Be warned.

This is more of a general question.

Why do we pay tax on an internet purchase?

I have this model and it works just fine for my needs. I do occasional gaming and movie watching and don’t notice any issues with this TV. It has great picture quality, is thin, and mounts on the wall quite well. I even have my Apple TV attached using velcro to the bottom of it for a nice clean look.

This TV probably wouldn’t have been my first choice for a new TV, but I got it for really cheap through a relative who won it in a raffle and had no need for it. It replaced my 37" Vizio not due to issues with the Vizio, but just the 5 year old Vizio was extremely bulky compared to this one. The energy saving feature on this TV is nice as well mainly for dimming the backlight when the room is dark. I have the feature turned off for gaming though since it is bothersome in that situation.

My only gripe is with the remote as the lettering on the buttons wore off within the first month of use (compared to my Vizio remote which doesn’t show any wear after 5 years). But this is just a small issue since the remote can be easily replaced with one of better quality.

Overall, I like it.

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probably because you are in the same state they ship it from…

Hi all. Just an FYI for some people, I bought one of these new, and I could not get the Hz higher than 60Hz. LG’s true motion is 60Hz. I called LG and it took me over 20 minutes but I finally got the LG rep to admit that this TV is ONLY 60Hz. I returned it right away, now this price is alot better than I paid for it new so this is different. Just wanted to put out an FYI, by the way the picture was still amazing anyway, I was just looking for 120Hz tv.

I believe it’s because Amazon now owns Woot and they charge tax on all transactions regardless of state.

Not true. At this time, sales tax is collected for AZ, CA, KY, NY, PA, TX, & WA. Also all wine purchases.