LG 47"/55" LED 3D & Home Theater Bundle

in for one

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) on the sound bar over at amazon

Let’s watch a video review on the sound bar

[MOD EDIT: Video removed; wrong model]

Lot’s of additional info and good reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) can be found over at samsung.com

While this may seem like a great deal on a 3D LED TV, they are edge-lit and lack some features.

A much better alternative would be the 47LA6200 ($715) or 55LA6200 ($1,015). Both are a model year newer (2013 vs 2012), are direct-lit, have wifi, and have a dual core image processor. Prices are based on current amazon price, but I’ve seen both $50-$100 lower than they are currently and significantly lower if refurb.

Those don’t have 3d according to Amazon.

Does this come with the “magic remote” (Think Wii controller)

Sorry, just the regular remotes for each component.

Whoops, you’re right, edited post to have the right models.

Is the LG TV a Smart TV with apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.
What year make is the LG TV?

Thank you for researching that. That is quite helpful. This isn’t a terrible deal by any means, but it’s one that I’ll let pass me by.

It would all work better if the blu ray player were an LG, not a Samsung. The way things like Smart Hub works is to work with other Samsung devices, not with LG. I have the 47LA6200 with the TV remote on a Samsung phone and while it should work it doesn’t want to. That interface may not be all that smooth.

Thanks, great info but those prices are for TV only aren’t they? Thinking of the larger one here for a 3 season porch. Seems like a decent price for the package don’t ya think?

Edit: after pricing things out on the net and considering this is an older model, I think I can do better - thanks for the info and - Sorry woot, passin’ this time.

I tried to purchase this but it denied my payment, called the bank and confirmed problem is on WOOT’s end but of course they have no customer service until Monday and that’s to late to buy one…so angry!!!


We’re you able to resolve the issue?
I can ping certain staff if there are particular ordering complications.

The same thing is happening for me. I know my info is correct. Any help is appreciated.

Check that your billing info on your Woot account matches that of your payment source. That’s a common thing that causes issues.

You might also try another payment source.

Oh, and don’t freak out if you see charges on your payment source even though it was denied. Those are AUTH charges thet drop off automatically if the a real charge doesn’t get processed.

Anyone know if the warranty is only 90 days? no manufacturer warranty?