LG 47"/55" LED 3D & Home Theater Bundle

Sorry Woot- refurb, last years model when 2014’s are showing up, too many remotes to mess with, and, as the sharks say, I’M OUT!

Hello. The warranty is noted at the Features and is a 90-day Woot Warranty.. There’s also a link to purchase extended coverage through SquareTrade if you want.

Does anyone know if there’s a warranty of any sort on the tv? Trying to decide if I should buy one but no warranty may be a deal breaker, thanks for your help guys

You could try reading some of the other messages, including the one directly above yours.

Did you bother to read the post right above yours?

I ordered this on 8/17, received confirmation, then 2 separate shipping confirmations, both with the same tracking #. I received ONE package containing the sound bar, speaker and blu ray player…NO TV. There is no other tracking # and the shipment is listed as received. Emails to WOOT go unanswered and on the support page it won’t take my order # THEY gave me, stating it is invalid. Anyone else out there have trouble receiving this product?! HELP!!!

Howdy there. This was a special package we put together. Items are shippign from different locations.

These big ol’ TVs have to be delivered by freight carrier so you’ll need to allow a bit more time. You should get a call to the number on your order to schedule a delivery once the TV is in your area.

Per the sale:
A physical address and phone number are required to schedule a delivery appointment with the freight carrier. No Military or PO Box shipments available.

I got my TV but the 3D did not work after a few hours trying to fix it I figured out the model number on the back of the TV was different from the one in the product info menu. If I want to get it fixed or a refund I have to pay to send it back! The only one who got a deal on this bundle was fed Ex.

If you believe that you may have received the wrong model product, please email into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com and let them know. They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about your purchase.

Anyone else get a strange flicker that affects both video and audio every once in a while? Not a big deal yet and only lasts for a second but concerned this may be an issue. Google search turned up no information on this problem.