LG 47"/55" LED 3D & Home Theater Bundle

**Item: **LG 47"/55" LED 3D +%26 Home Theater Bundle
Price: $649.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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8/17/2013 - $649.99-879.99 - 24 comment(s)

Did anyone else notice that in the write up they used LD instead of LG?

You’re not alone LOL.
Edited. Thanks for the spot :smiley:

Some solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) on the sound bar over at amazon

Lot’s of additional info, pictures and solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) on the blu-ray player over at samsung.com

Bought this a few weeks ago when it was on the woot homepage. I got the 47 inch and couldn’t be happier with it. The tv has a rather large dent in the back, but it can’t be seen from the front and it doesn’t affect the picture. The only other issue is they sent it with the wrong remote with no 3d button on it. There is no way to access the 3d capability without it. Luckily, I have a harmony remote which I was able to program for the TV. Overall, I would highly recommend this deal.

I would be interested in this, but why does it need to be bundled with a sound bar and 3d Bluray player? I already own a good sound system and a PS3 so these items would be a waste. This has to be making the deal more expensive than it needs to be.

Did you contact woot about the remote? Whenever they have an error on their end they usually do whatever they can to fix that error so maybe they can send you one.

I got this one last month as well. Incredible setup, couldn’t be happier. Mine arrived in pristine condition.

Funny you say that, all I want is the Bluray player!

Bought this bundle the last time it was up. I’m happy enough with the items, but the shipping was a disaster all the way around.

The soundbar and dvd were in both shipped inside plain cardboard boxes with NO additional packaging - no paper, styrofoam, air pockets - nothing. They survived surprisingly well, but who knows what kind of a beating they took on the way here.

For the TV I got a call giving me a 5 HOUR delivery window with only one day’s notice. Luckily I have a fairly flexible work schedule, so I was able to be home to watch the single delivery guy drop the TV as he tried to lower it from the truck to the pavement.

Again, everything survived and is functional, but it will make me think twice about refurb and electronic purchases from woot in the future.

Just want to remind people of what’s noted in the shipping info: Items will ship seperately. So don’t freak out when only part of your order arrives… pls.

Just so everyone knows, TruMotion 120hz is actually a true 60hz…

Was just going to state this.

Yes, it’s true. This model only has a 60 Hz panel.

Just found the 55" model on sale at Walmart.com new for 778.00 shipped sans soundbar and BR player.

I bought the 47" bundle a few weeks back. I could not get the 3D to work and finally figured out the model number on the back of the tv (47LM4600 ) was not the same as the hardware inside the tv (47LS4600). Woot offered a refund if I pay to ship it back. I am currently trying to get the company that refurbished to pay return shipping and replace it. Just be aware you may need to pay more to get what you ordered.

That’s a pretty raw deal. If you were sent the wrong model in error, why should you have to pay to send it back?

I don’t blame woot. It’s seems like a refurbishing error, they put the back on the wrong tv or something like that. I just wish they would own up to the mistake. I also don’t want to have to keep paying return shipping if they send me a replacement with a similar problem.

@chuckwagon78, ouch!

You’re much more charitable than the average folk. If the facts are as described, that could be construed as fraud. And the party committing the fraud is the one that advertised the product and took your money. The refurber is an anonymous third party. Woot should be eagerly refunding your money and paying the return shipping.

BTW, its also OK to be upset with woot if the product they chose to sell is not good due to the source woot used to source it. Woot is not an innocent bystander in that case.

BTW2, it is really admirable that woot would allow the candor of these posts to happen. Thanks for that woot!