LG 47" or 55" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

In addition to the extremely poor packaging, the company that did the last round of refurbishing did not seem to give a rat’s behind about the quality of product they were selling. Many reported missing parts, screws, cables, manuals, etc.

Personally, I only just today found that the reason my base was so wobbly was because they didn’t install all the screws on the base, and some of the screws were completely rounded off. Fortunately I have the tools to be able to handle removing them. Beware of these LG refurbs. The promise of better packaging isn’t likely going to solve the other problems (i.e. quality control, shipment notifications).

Yeah, my order was packed like crap and missing the glasses, and Woot’s reply was,essentially, “not our problem”. Even now it won’t connect to the Plex server- making me think there may be even more issues afoot.

WOW… yet another item i wanted to buy, but now will not. Thank you guys for being truthful and saving some of us poor working stiffs our hard earned money. In my mind shabby service like you guys described is tantamount to stealing!

We do not carry spare parts for these TVs or any products (same of any retailer). The reports I’ve seen show that LG has been very good at working with customers to get them the missing parts. If you have trouble working with LG, please let service@woot.com know so they can assist.

Is Woot ever going to list 60" or bigger? I already have the Vizio 47" but if I upgrade, I want to at least go up to a 60".

We did a couple weeks ago.

Hey, just throwing it out there, but NASA just parked a science lab on the surface of Mars almost the size of my car. Science, it works!

Another warning… LED TV’s sometime have a lag time if you are playing video games. Look into it if you plan on using this television for gaming at all. It caused me to return one already.

The question is… Would you gamble $500 or $800 on Maybe?

or do you…

“Just Call me Maybe”

Thanks for the honest warning. I’m always trying to jump on the TV deals at Woot, only to be confronted with horror stories regarding shipping and handling of these high price tag items.

The irony is that Amazon has one of the most excellent return policies and competitive pricing scheme. I thought Woot was now an Amazon subsidiary; it’s a pity that the same excellent coverage is not available.

It is 120hz; truemotion copensates for things that are only 60hz.

Bought this back in December for $900 off amazon. To say that I am a happy camper is an understatement.

Also, it is worth noting that I have been a wooter for YEARS and bought many, MANY things across the sites - and this is the first that I have chimed in on. This TV will make you happy.

And if it doesn’t, I’ll give you a dollar… or a cookie. Or something.

I jumped in last LG LED smart TV deal as well. The TV was packaged like crap but the TV works though. I always suspect there’s something wrong with the tv, for example, you will heard some cracking noise after you power it off… I was wondering if there was any chance the TV was damaged during shipping… I had drop another $99 and purchased extended warranty… it turns out Woot did not save as much as I thought. I suggest you buy one from Costco with free 2 years warranty instead… you have been warned.

The other downside about LG refurb is that LG is no longer offer refurb extended warranty (which was $80 for 2 years via LG website directly). You have to buy warranty from squaretrade or dtvexpress or something, they are expansive…

I half expect you to have as many woots as you do quality posts.

It’s worth noting that the current deal of the day @ best buy is a Dynex 40" LCD 1080p set (new) for 299.99 with free shipping. Mind you it’s not a LG, not 120hz, but it’s also < $300 new.

I quite like my LG 3d Bluray player as it lets me stream mkv and avis across the network, in theory this tv will also do that in addition to netflix and amazon VOD. If the 3 month warranty doesn’t bother you (or you want to pay for the warranty service) I’d opt for the LG, but if you just need a cheap TV the best buy deal might be worth looking at. (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Misc/Deal-of-the-Day/pcmcat248000050016.c?id=pcmcat248000050016)

Meh, all in the setup and calibration.

I will have to be assured of the model number, and I can not find the power consumption on watts, very important, as I am stand alone solar.

Model numbers are on the size dropdown and the photos. They are:

47" 47LV4400
55" 55LV4400

Hope that helps!

I made the mistake of buying one of the 3D LGs from the last woot sale. Took two weeks to arrive, never got tracking info, ended up dealing with a random private shipper who requires you to be home during a 5 hour window (and was still an hour late), and then, to top it off, it wasn’t even the TV I ordered - not even one that woot was selling, just some random LG TV. Still waiting for the replacement, it’s now been over a month… Woot customer service was/is MIA and actually, rude about everything… and not just to me, to the dozens of others who had a problem. I would never, ever buy a TV from woot again, if there’s a problem, you’re on your own.

Just go and read the message board from that last sale - there are literally hundreds of messages from frustrated buyers.

Never post but I wanted to chime in here and thank all the posters who shared previous experiences and the thread from the last LG sale.

Stopped me from making the purchase. Doesn’t sound like Woot is the place to purchase big ticket TV items from.

I can appreciate the email from the Woot customer service agent and promises to do better in the future, but the bottom line is Woot is the seller and SHOULD TAKE OWNERSHIP ALL THE WAY FROM SELLER TO BUYER, regardless of 3rd parties involved.

It sounds like they were less than helpful last time and pulled the old, it’s not us, it’s them BS line that retailers will use when they don’t control the entire supply chain.

If your not going to take ownership all the way through, then don’t sell the product to begin with!

I think this is what you are looking for.