LG 49" 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV

Anyone have input on this guy?

Inputs? It has 4 HDMI plus 2 USB, 1 RF In (Antenna/Cable), 1 Composite In, 1 (shared with composite) Component In, and 1 Ethernet.



Refurb from Woot (w/shipping): 424.99
Brand new from Costco (w/ship): 449.99

$25 is not enough discount for a used TV that you cannot return.

Seeing that Costco charges a membership fee, you have to figure an extra $60 min. fee and taxes to that price.

Well, for the 85 million people who already have Costco memberships, that is not an issue. And Costco probably has the most generous return policy of any retailer in existence right now.

Refurbished? Okay, maybe…
60Hz native refresh rate? No.

Everyone knows someone with a membership that will take them over to get it, and most people have a membership. You mean to tell me you’d rather pay $25-75 less for a refurbished rather than a brand new TV with a better warranty? Lol k.

Oh look, sold out all 3 TVs and the buyers were all Chinese based on google dox. Shocking. They will be overpriced on Ebay within 20 minutes.