LG 49" 1080p Smart LED TV w/WebOS 2.0

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LG 49" 1080p Smart LED TV w/WebOS 2.0
Price: $499.99
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LG TVs suck, Google the issue of them turning on and off. It’s like a virus and they haven’t fixed it. Woot screwed me on one of these a few months ago, don’t be duped.

Does it come with a 3rd season of Alpha House?

I still wouldn’t trust LG. LG promises update for ‘spying’ smart TV

LG TVs now spy on you

On the LG set, go to Settings, then Options, then Live Plus, click Off, then close.

So it runs on the same OS as my HP Touchpad?

Samdung does it too. Read the EULA. Why does a TV need an EULA? Scary stuff

All “Smart” TVs do this. Samsung, Vizio, etc.

Doesn’t seem like a deal to me. Not 4K. At least is has a 1 year warranty. Most woot tV’s only have a 90 day.

I have not had any issues with my LG. The Magic Remote is pretty cool acting as a mouse on TV Apps. You can use it to browse Netflix, Amazon, etc very easily.

Screen has had no issues.

Only issue I had was when registering, (LG has PPV download, almost all the Disney Titles) my credit card got flagged because it was processed in China. (Changed Credit Cards and don’t watch any LG Movies)

Besides that, no issues.