What model number is this tv?

SORRY about that.

Didn’t see it in the specs. Does it have a TV tuner or is it a monitor ?

This has a tuner.

Does it come with the Magic Remote? There isn’t a YES or NO by “Magic Remote Included” in the description.

Yes, the Magic Remote is included.

I have this TV purchased new from Costco 6 months ago. I paid 1299 for it and then it went on sale for 999 a few weeks later and thanks to Costco’s return policy I got the sale price credited.

I love this tv. Picture is amazing on Netflix and amazon 4K shows. Love the magic remote and webOs but I wish it had a few more apps like HBO. It is webOs 3.0 and not the newer 3.5 and I don’t think lg upgrades major versions.

Does this have Bluetooth for adding a keyboard?

How much are the canoes… I want the red & blue one!


LG seems to be the only brand that carries both Netflix and Amazon Prime video. That is why they will be my next purchase.

I received mine yesterday. TV works but remote does not. Fortunately I have a universal remote. What do I do Woot ?

Also, TV is not compatible with Direct TV rc72 remote so had to upgrade for $15.

Will my direct tv remote not work with this TV?

How long is the power cord?

I don’t know your set up, but I had to get a newer model remote from Direct. The old one would not pair.

I got this TV on an earlier Woot. Very happy with the picture, sound is OK, but later bought the companion LG soundbar and sub when it appeared on Woot later, so it is all great now. Love the magic remote! All of the hdmi inputs are 4k compatible at 60hz, but not crazy about the component video input being via a mini plug to rca adapter cord instead of jacks on the TV. Also, never have been able to get the cast feature to work with my pc. :frowning: Picture with 4k Amazon Prime and Netflix is stunning, though. The only weak area is the dynamic backlight, it is fairly coarse grained with only about 8 areas, but left at low or off its not that noticeable. You’d have to spend hundreds more to start to get anything even mildly better. Highly recommended at this price!

I had the same issue, I just followed the re-registering instructions and mine is now working:



AndroidTV on my Sony also has both of those.