LG 5.1 Home Theater System with iPod Dock & Blu-ray

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LG 5.1 Home Theater System with iPod Dock & Blu-ray
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Woot, this better be a 2 day woot of so i can get the Bag of carp tommorow night between 3-5 when i dont have school. Good night yall!

Is this compatible with cheetos?

ughh this is never going to sell

Impressive. Can you do that again when they put up shirts or a first-generation iPod?

“First Sucker” is right!!! It broke already. It’s okay because when it was working it was bad arse… wait… no it’s not okay!!!

Mine is working great, except that I cant turn the volume up with the remote, it will go up a few db’s then go back down. I would probably guess the company that refurbished these doesnt do a great job