LG 500W 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System

Very poor reviews on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/LG-Electronics-BH5140S-Blu-Ray-Theater/dp/B00IAELTLM
Will Avoid

I am wondering if a lot of the negative reviews might derive from it purportedly being falsely advertised as having wifi and bluetooth capabilities.

I was thinking about firing on it to use with a bluetooth receiver and a bluetooth hardware dongle for my PC, or phone. Basically using it for in-home surround sound =D

Yeah going through reviews it seems like the main gripes are that 1) You can’t hook it up to input sources (ie; you can’t direct your TV to it and have audio from your TV come through on it), 2) It was advertised with wifi and didn’t have it (since looks to have been fixed).

The bad reviews for #1 seems like people mis-reading as it does kinda clearly state that it’s a stand-alone unit with it’s own “SmartTV” like features (ie; the box itself can do netflix and has an HDMI out to a TV). Doesn’t seem to be any about the actual quality of sound.

Personally I only use my living room TV for it’s SmartTV (Netflix) capabilities as I don’t deal with cable TV, so I’m gonna give this box a shot and see as it looks like it would fit my general interests perfectly if it has it’s own Netflix capability as well as blu-ray.

Edit: I’m guessing it’s bluetooth capability is also designed to make it easier to (BT-wirelessly) work with other LG hardware such as this other woot offer