LG 55 inch 4K 60HZ UHD Smart LED TV

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LG 55 inch 4K 60HZ UHD Smart LED TV
Price: $399.99
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Is this TV 3D capable?

I think 3D went away a while back – it never caught on.

One thing to note with LG is that there is no “SOURCE” button on the remote, or any discrete codes for source selection. You have to go to HOME then arrow over to the source you want. This makes it difficult to switch video sources IN THE FLATSCREEN instead of somewhere else (sound bar or receiver), so the fact this has 4 HDMI inputs is nice, but using more than one is awkward.

In order for a tv to be 3d capable it needs at least 120hz.

Top right corner of the remote has the (direct) source button for the uj 6540

Thats the wrong TV.

I can’t speak to this model, but the LG I got a couple years ago has an “input” button on the remote. I use two HDMI inputs and it hasn’t been a problem.

No it’s not 3D

We have this TV and we got it New and we love it. If I had another spot that had room for it I would get it

CAn this do 4:4:4 for use as a monitor?

So why does the description of the Woot state this TV is 60Hz but CNET states it is 120 Hz per the link above by johnathon007?

[MOD: Native vs Motion Refresh]

Different TV and welcome to Woot!

Its the same TV…I used this link.


Woot states the TV is UJ6540. What why I was wondering.

Nevermind… The TV is TRUMOTION 120 (refresh 60 Hz). See link to understand why I was confused initially.

Right. Some aren’t as upfront putting the native refresh rate. We know wooters want that so that’s what we state. Or we’re careful to state that it’s MR.

This is a 3D TV. It says so in the specs: 48.7" x 28.3" x 2.5"

See, 3 dimensions.

Does anyone know if this unit has a built in tv tuner, so I can get ota channels?

Yes, according to this: http://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-55UJ6540-4k-uhd-tv

Is the refresh rate too limiting to use this as an extended monitor?