LG 55" LED 4K 120 HZ Wi-Fi Tunerless TV

Says 120 Hz in the main title but the description says 60 Hz under picture quality. Which is it?

The model number is a 60hz and 1080p TV, far from what the title suggests

Huh, “4K” TV with full 1080p resolution. Must have refurbished a bunch of pixels right off of it

Thank you. I ended the sale since there are still discrepancies in the sale. Sigh.

PS: You have 2 hours to cancel your order if you want.

No problem, I picked one up with the knowledge it was 1080 at 60hz, still a good deal IMO.

Some orders are sent to Amazon’s fulfillment in less than 2 minutes it seems though - and cannot be cancelled then anymore.

Anyone want to buy me one? :wink: my kids destroy everything, we’re gonna need a new TV eventually.