LG 55" OLED 4K 120 HZ TV

This says it is pick up only in the description but when I add it to my cart it says it will be shipped. Will they actually ship this item?

Maybe I missed it, but stating the model number would be helpful.

It says pick up only. Carrollton is a suburb of Dallas, Texas. If you buy it be prepared to go and pick it up.

I bought one. It asked for my shipping address, it is giving me an estimated delivery date, it says preparing for shipment, says “shipping to” my name and address, said I got free shipping with Prime.

If this is pickup only they aren’t doing a good job of relaying that information to someone who purchased the TV

It will be interesting to see if they actually ship it.

Honestly, at that price it might be worth the road trip to go pick it up! I bought mine two years ago for $1200 and that was a steal at the time.

Mine is being shipped from TX, due to arrive on Friday.

What a steal for $629!!! assuming I receive a functional unit, etc.