LG 55" or 65" OLED 4K 120 HZ TVs

Given that the one year warranty is $200 extra, that puts the 55" model price with the warranty at $1,550 which is $50 more than a brand new one from newegg with a factory 1 year warranty, this isn’t a good deal.

The one on Newegg is also a refurb with 90 days.

Per CR this is a top rated set. Not to bad it seems

These are the best TVs ever, if you’re worried about picture quality. The contrast and colors make everything else look old and washed out. Incredible.
This deal though… I got my 65" from Costco brand new with a 4 year warranty for $2350.

For a refurbished TV, I would expect to save more. The OLED55C7P model with identical stats but an upgraded base design (it has an aluminum “blade” stand and aluminum bezel, while this Woot version has a “crescent” stand) is available new from Amazon for $1696.99. http://a.co/g7q3caD

I had the 65in in my cart until I read these comments. Spending that type of money and only getting a 90 day warranty isn’t worth the savings.

was it Black Friday/Cyber Monday? That’s a heck of a deal!