LG 55" 4k UHD HDR Smart LED TV

I have to say this sounds like an awesome deal, and exactly what I’m looking for. Is there anything to be concerned with about refurbs? Can someone who has this TV and uses the HDR10 mode through HDMI comment on picture quality? I understand it’s not true 10-bit at this price.

If you have a Costco membership, they have this tv for the same exact price but brand new.

I purchased a refurb LG in the past and it had a bad board and dead spots. Fortunately LG covered it 100% under warranty and I ended up with practically a new TV.

Thanks for the replies. I decided to wait and get a more expensive model that fully supports HDR10 i.e. more colors and higher nit.

I can confirm that Costco has the same TV for the same price sold new. Just picked up two of the 55" models and the 70" from Costco.

The TV’S are new and you get a two year warranty site it was bought through Costco and no shipping since they’re available at their stores (warehouse).

How is this a good deal Woot???

You’re right. Forgot they include the 2nd year. And if you use their citi credit card, you’re covered for 2 more years.

Stay away. These are the horrible “RGBW” panels. They only have 3/4 of the actual pixels.

4:4:4 looks horrible for text on these because of the pixels.