LG 55" OLED 4K 120 HZ TV

Walmart was selling these refurbished for $100 less ($999.00) but they’re sold out now, though it was only $1296 new. This TV is about $1400~ new elsewhere. This exact model was $1496 (new) on Amazon less than a month ago.

I would hold out for a better deal, but to each their own. This Woot price is on par with every other website selling this as a refurbished TV 24/7. Hardly a daily deal site worthy price from the front page, but it seems Woot is usually within 5%-10% price range of every other refurbished site on big items.

Woot is great on returns but I’ve quickly learned not to buy refurbished TVs online as many people are forced to return it shortly after and the savings here leave a ton to be desired for an impulse buy.

Bought this model (new) right after Thanksgiving. The picture is stunning.

It’s a shame it doesn’t have a lot of inputs. Missing SVideo, Composite, VGA, well, other inputs you might like to have if you want to hook up older systems/games/whatever to it.

It has a TV Antenna input, so dunno about that. Then again, kids these days are all about the HDMI so if that’s all you have or need, go for it! :slight_smile:

Edit: I stand corrected: 3 USB, 1 RF In (Antenna/Cable), 1 Composite In, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical, 1 RS232C (Mini Jack)

It does have a composite, but I’m guessing only with a wired dongle thing.

Seriously? Do you really expect manufacturers to support legacy interfaces that 99.9% of the rest of the world has moved away from 15 years ago and have the rest of us pay extra for the 0.1% that still use these; so they can play Pong? On a 4K OLED TV? Come on.

These are always on sale on other sites for this price and are new.

I’m waiting on a deal where the 65" is around $1000

I’ve not seen them new for this price but the 55b7a (non-Atmos) regularly goes on sale for $1199 new (this woot model is a b7p, which means it has Atmos capability.)

Thumbs down on this woot price.

The B7A was actually updated to include Atmos. It is next to useless for the built-in speakers on all of these TV’s and particularly the B7A, but the update enabled Atmos passthrough to connected speakers/receivers.

That’s just Atmos built into the TV right? It will still have the pass through built in for surround sound systems right? (Most people looking at this probably have a decent home theater for this magnificent TV). I gotta hold out for the 65" as I’m couldn’t go smaller than I currently have at 60". I’m in love with this tv but do not want to fork that cash over yet.

I’m waiting for smaller OLED to come out. Like, 50” for $700 would be my purchase point. My room is too small for these monsters.

If you like Burn-in / Screen retention purchase this…!

I purchased a 65 inch 4k set for a 5th wheel camper and we sit back about 8 feet from it for viewing with no problems. Was a return so was a great deal. There’s a AV site that has listing for setback distance. As with most flat screen TVs get a sound bar system.

Do you actually own one or are you just running your mouth?

I own a 65" E7 and it is fabulous. Sensational picture, great remote and pretty good sound bar built in, but $3500 bucks was tough to swallow. We love our LG OLED.

I’m waiting for 55C7P for $1K (new) :slight_smile:

Yeah, with other commenters, burn in is hard to get on these sets, but if you’re determined you can, but it requires a lot of the user doing activities that promote burn-in, in normal daily use you will never see burn-in, this from someone with multiple OLEDs over many years

Agreed 100%.

You much watch CNN 24/7

I had so many bad experiences with Samsung that I switched to an LG purchased from Woot. I am now a huge LG fan…great products.

Now that is a quality post, if I ever saw one.

Please do tell what sites you are referring to. I seen BB last week I believe had this for 1499-1599, something like that. And I thought that was a ok price. Still to much for my blood. I don’t own a 4k tv, just two 1080p and one oldie 720.