LG 55" OLED 4K 120 HZ TV

If you can find a new B7A or B7P for <$1,000 new…GO BUY IT!! Your claim of “The B7A can be found for $1000 brand new on ebay and the B7P can be found for $1200 brand new.” just ain’t true. This WOOT is a deal and you should snatch it up!

Great post! Although burn in isn’t too much of an issue, there are easy ways to avoid/make sure you enable the pixel orbiter feature… the VALUE part is where you are wrong though, USED sets are going for $1200 on eBay, so at $1049 with at least a short refurb warranty makes this a pretty good deal. Each year Displays get better and better including both OLED and LED and you also make sure to mention the weaknesses as well, so while your technical info is great, looks like you are off a bit on the pricing…

Another great post! The TCL is still an amazing value, mostly videophiles will truly notice the limited 300 lines of motion resolution too much, but with deals on Walmart for the Vizio P series only $100 more it’s definitely worth it!

I have an older 65EG9600 but can attest that burn-in is a very real thing and it does not go away with OLEDs.

However, under normal usage it shouldn’t be an issue… at least in the short term(couple years). The rtings test show the issue after continued use. So if you are watching only one channel or playing only one game or using it as a display with static images then you are going to have burn-in. Period. Look at the rtings test someone already linked.

My problem is that unknown to me I bought a display unit. The TVs test image seemed fine but after taking it home and playing solid colors I was horrified. The store wouldn’t accept a return and directed me to LG warranty service. LG refused the warranty since it doesn’t cover burn-in. So now I am stuck with a TV which if there are scenes such as sports fields, cartoons, or anything that has a solid color background has nasty burn-in. However, just as with the TVs test image it is hard to notice the burn-in with normal shows since the varying colors camouflage the issue.

So everyone saying “my TV has been fine and great. don’t listen to the negative nancy” have probably watched different types of programming and not left their TV on for many many hours on shows that have static images. If they have left their TV on one types of programming then they probably haven’t done a solid color test to notice the issue.

If you are the type of person who are watching only one thing and leaves the TV on all day then you will have a problem with burn-in. Don’t buy OLEDs if that is your use case.

I’m not trying to say to not buy this TV or it’s horrible. It’s a good TV. Just clarifying that there is a burn-in problem with OLEDs under certain circumstances and given the nature of OLED it will degrade and get worse as the TV ages. If you are watching different types of programming then I wouldn’t worry about. Also, make sure to turn off the TV with the power button. Don’t leave it on all the time and don’t unplug it either(or turn off power strip). Make sure to leave it plugged in but turned off. There is a special cycle mode the TV runs after being turned off for awhile to help delay burn-in from happening and the severity of the burn-in.

I agree. I’ll admit that having Netflix directly on the TV itself is a little more convenient than turning on the computer, but for anything else (Youtube, Hulu, any-other-video), being able to search with a real keyboard and mouse is less frustrating.

Otherwise, one decent mono speaker on board is fine - just enough so that you can hear the news. For anything else, why would you buy a ToL TV only to listen to crummy built-ins?

Yep, $1200 used on eBay, right now anyway, that poster’s magical deal has come and gone… That makes this a pretty damn good deal, many times refurbished sets are simply TV’s returned after the Super Bowl and nothing at all is wrong with them or at worst had minor issues… now on LED’s, they could have poor uniformity that someone didn’t want to accept but in OLED, that’s not an issue obviously…

This is fair. My point is just to clarify that susceptibility to burn-in is not represented in a sample size of only a few people - particular with regards to their use cases. As you noted yourself…

Not exactly my ideal use case, but channels such as 24/7 News Channels and Sports Channels have been known to cause burn-in on displays susceptible to it – ESPN being a prime example.

How would you say the view angle, input latency, and HDR levels are? Does this TV have the option to turn off a lot of the processing by option or is it all bundled into a single “Game Mode”?

OLED currently has the very best viewing angles available. There is virtually no shift in saturation, contrast, or colour until you are practically sideways to the panel. LCD panels would be tied with for next (both the VA and IPS flavours), more or less, but it’s a big gap, and you either sacrifice some serious contrast or colour shift outside of roughly 110-120 degrees, depending on the implementation.

Same thing goes for HDR; Although the peak brightness for a 2017 OLED is nothing brilliant, the true black makes the contrast ratio ridiculous, and the difference is usually almost always in favor of the OLED. Searingly bright LCD panels have been Sony and Samsung’s answer for 2018, but while they technically achieve some mind-numbing numbers (akin to >2000 nits, as opposed to more normal 400-600 nits of peak brightness), I can tell you that I would prefer not to simply burn out all the rods in my retinas. The 2017 LGs are bright enough for most well lit rooms anyhow, so extra brightness often becomes either less useful, or undesirable in darkened rooms.

With regard to processing, and game modes - Yes, you can turn on a game mode to drop latency, but it became less necessary with this year model as they sped up the processing. My wife enjoys Destiny (the Bungie FPS), and I trend toward racing sims, and the ~20ms latency is generally not an issue. Most TVs will not give you much better (13-18ms for 2018 model LCD panels). LG also gives you the option via the OSD to minimise or completely turn off various aspects of image processing, be it motion smoothing, de-blur, noise reduction, etc. The controls that have been exposed to users for these panels are quite good, and allow for fine tuning of what processing you would like, how much of said processing you would like, and the amount of calibration possible (though I will vouch for them generally being more accurate than your average LCD, out-of-the-box, with common sense and no demo/vivid modes turned on).

Hope that helps.

Can you get that on refurbs? Their site says: “Coverage only available for new TVs bought in the past 30 days.”

You mention other TV’s to compare to this. That tells me you have never seen an OLED panel in person. There is no comparison to any other TV. The quality here is incredible. I have the 65 and just played through God of War on PS4, and it looks incredible.
I have noticed the low frame rate stutter on a transformers movie. OLED refreshes basically instantly so on lower frame rate with quick movement you can see the jump between frames, where a normal slower TV would blend more.

Overall you can’t beat this TV. The picture and colors are so far beyond other TVs they aren’t even in the same class.

I’m with you there. The very idea of playing audio through tv speakers has been laughable for probably two decades or more. As for streaming features - that’s what the AppleTV is for. Or Amazon Firestick, etc.

I have an OLED65E6P. In fact, I own 2 of them. They both have beautiful pictures and so far no sign of burn in but I would not recommend any LG TV to anyone. I live in the second biggest metropolitan area of North Carolina with a million people (in a suburb next to Raleigh). The magic remote stopped working on one of the TV’s. So LG sent me another. That one worked for a short time intermittently. I went back to the old remote and that is also intermittent so clearly is is the TV. It has been over 2 weeks and LG has not found anyone here to do warranty work despite 3 calls to them and a claim last week they expedited the issue. They used to have their own factory service guys in this area for their TV’s but apparently they cut back on service for whatever reason.