LG 60" 1080p LED Smart TV



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Here is the problem with Woots, refurbed TVs. Take the 60 inch for example. It’s 800 on woot, and the one year warranty is 110 USD, to get the normal 1 year warranty that you would get with a TV. So you pay 910USD, in order to get the same warranty that you would get from buying new. The price from Amazon to buy this TV new is 997.99, and you are able to get a 5 year warranty for 91USD.


or you could just buy the refurb unit without the warranty, and then IF it breaks you can take it to a local tv repair shop and pay $1-200 to have it fixed. If it doesn’t break (which it probably won’t) you just saved yourself several hundred dollars…I got my 55 inch sharp on ebay with no warranty 7 years ago… no issues at all.