LG 65" 4k UHD HDR Smart LED TV

Costco has this set at $999.99 w/free shipping and brand new.

Do you have a link for that? I’d love to share it with my Electronics Team.

I can’t afford this but I do have a question. If your lawyers are making you say that it is free of suck does this mean Buccaneers games are not going to be viewable?

I must say, Very Lazy, Woot! And yes, the price is correct at Costco. You have to be a member to view the price. Perhaps one of your “Electronics Team” members have a Costco membership. If not, perhaps Woot! Should spring for one so you can compare and beat prices.



Might get error from first link cause, like I said, gotta be a member to see the price.

Wow, the more I think about this the madder I get! W-T-F Woot! I used to trust that you did your due diligence and found the best price on stuff. Not so much, huh?

Hey there,

Thanks so much for finding this link for me. Because I don’t have a Costco membership (and am accessing the internet from a secure Woot network) I’m not actually able to see any of the Costco website, making searching for that link impossible without help from community members like you.

I will pass this link along to our team and they will figure out what to do next. Again, thanks for your help.

Ok. I guess I’m not mad. But, providing a link shouldn’t magically allow you to now see the website if Woot is blocking your free access to the Internet. Sounds like Woot is worried about its employees.
Are you now going to adjust the prices for your refurb? I would estimate $799.99 might do it.
Goin to refund the ones who already bought one at inflated price?
What is Woot’s markup anyway?

Guess not. The electronics team must have gotten busy with something else. No sales!