LG 65" OLED 4K 120 HZ TV

At Sam’s you can almost always get a 70" or larger (not OLED) (Vizio?) for about the same price or so… not as cool/techie

I will always go for bigger but that’s me

OLEDs are a different display technology. LED sets are just LED backlit (compared to fluorescent backlit) LCD screens. They can give good color, but the need for backlighting means the black levels are usually not so great. OLEDs don’t need backlighting- the LED panel provides its own light, allowing not only far better black levels, but more vibrant colors overall while slimming down the panel yet further.

Yeah, they’re more expensive for a given size. They also tend to provide a better picture. A 65" size LED backlit LCD TV can be had new for no more than $1200, and that’s from the higher end makers (Sony, Samsung). This TV would normally sit at about the $2500 level.

Thread from last time this TV was offered

Cheaper now, for sure.

You are correct & I wish I had those types of black levels however I watch movies on a 102" LED projector (older Panasonic) and maybe I’m a jerk for saying so but I simply cannot imagine something as small as 65"

My black levels are terrible by modern standards (even worse with ambient light) but I stand by my 102" screen

Same Price/Different Technology… this is what I was talking about

$1599+tax…90 warranty, FAIL.

I fail to see how this is a fail. Do you have want other prices from authorized resellers for this model or the b7a? New it is 2499.99 from best buy. I love my oled tv and I have the 55 and wish I would have gone larger.

Thank you!

I have this TV. It’s usually $1,800 new, although it is sometimes cheaper. I got mine new from an authorized retailer for $1,198 in April, but don’t think that’s likely to happen again.

The TV is fantastic. Great for movies, sports and games. Handles upscaling well for older media.

Inputs for legacy devices are limited, and the sound is very weak. If those aren’t deal-breakers, this is as good a picture as you’ll find without doubling the price to get to the Sonys.

You can a buy a new 65” Samsung Qled from Sams for 1799.00. Better tv not refurbished, not susceptible to screen burn in. And a year warranty. That’s why it’s a fail.

wait, you really think QLED are superior to OLED? lol

I have a 180-inch projector image in my upstairs theater and a 55-inch OLED downstairs. I love the big theater; but even after more than a year of ownership, the picture quality of the OLED continues to blow me away. Highly recommended, even for BIIIIG picture enthusiasts. :slight_smile:

I got this new from BB a month ago and love it.

Qled = Fail…
your argument is invalid

LG is getting Out of OLED production

Do you have a source for this? Everything I have read says that LG is increasing production.

Also I love our OLED. I wish I would have got the 65" instead of the 55"

Where did you get the wall space? 13 feet without a single window or door, I am so jell’n like Magellan; 10 yrs ago 65" was Insane but now I just love the huge screen… Damn the Black Levels, Warp Speed Mr. Solo

TV debates are almost as entertaining as the PC vs Mac debates… but not quite.

Great conversation going here. Keep it up!!

What’s with all the burn in talk? I have an 8-9 year old Panasonic plasma with no burn in. Crazy talk.

Congrats! These are OLED, not plasma.

IR and burn in can and do happen if you abuse them. If you like to fall asleep with CNN or ESPN on, don’t get an OLED. Otherwise, they’re gorgeous televisions.