LG 65-Pint Dehumidifier

**Item: **LG 65-Pint Dehumidifier
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Not much difference in air flow between high and low fan speeds; low=141CFM, HIGH=152CFM. Less than 10% more airflow with low vs high?

Here is the product info, with some more info and user reviews.

Very Very Poor reviews on Amazon from 20+ users (different model).

Bad Reviews overall from Home Depot

Lots of good reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at compactappliance.com

What is the warranty on this thing?

One year from Woot. Last line of the description.

Hot damn! In for one. I was in Home Depot last night and they only had two models left in stock. I passed on both and said to myself, maybe Woot will have one soon. This model is much bigger, nicer and cheaper than the 50 pint GE I saw yesterday. Thanks Woot.

What size room is this good for? I have one in my basement that is really old and needs to be replaced, but it is a pretty big room…

Can you run one of these in a house that already has central air? I have the air running full blast, but it can’t keep up with the heat and humidity right now, i figured this might help supplement.

Does this have a connection for a drain hose? Monitoring and emptying the bucket does not sound fun and will be a deal breaker. No mention of it in the description or specs, but the amazon review link (different model) mentions one.

I have an old Sears dehumidifier that works fine, but the process of cooling the coils to condense moisture generates a LOT of heat. There is no venting available.

So, it really is only good for a damp basement where the excess heat may be a benefit.

What about this unit?

I have one in my 1800 sq ft unfinished basement and I have it set to keep humidity to 40%. It filled the resevoir very quickly (2+ times a day), so I put it on an outside wall and hooked a pipe up to the port on the back for automatic drainage to a tree in the back yard.

I have been extremely happy with it. This is my third summer with it (as it rarely has to run during the winter), and had had no problems with it.

As much as i like LG fot there othet appliances, I would STRONGLY advise that you DO NOT buy their dehumidifiers!!!

I bought one brand new and about 6 months later it broke. It was still within the 1yr warranty so I called LG and had to drive an hour to one of 2 approved repair places (that’s right they make you take it somewhere to get it repaired instead of swapping it out). After arriving I was surprised to see about 10 others in the shop and was told these are brought in constantly! So it was in the shop 3 months before they could get to it and determine it was beyond repair because LG took that long to talk to the shop. After that they sent me 2 other broken units to my home and 6 months later they refunded me.


External Drain Connector: Yes :slight_smile:

There is a drain hose connection. I have my dehumidifier (not this brand) sitting on a pair of 2x4’s directly over the laundry sink in the basement. The hose just drips into the sink, never need to empty the tank.

Another option is to get a condensate pump. They sit in the dehumidifier tank and pump the water up and out. Some deluxe dehumidifiers have the pump built-in, but you can also buy them for between $60 and $80 at appliance and hardware stores.

You probably don’t want to run these on the main floor, stick to the basement. Dehumidifiers are essentially air conditioners with no external venting so they will generate heat in the room where they are placed. It will take humidity out of the air but add heat so the central A/C will work harder.

Yes it does have a drain hose connection. I have one and it is a good unit.

I have this one in my basement. Amazing how much moisture it pulls out - especially in the summertime.