LG 70" 4k UHD HDR Smart LED TV

somebody either talk me in to or out of this.

Sams club has it $100 less and it’s not refurbished. I was going to pill the trigger on this but it’s overpriced



Hey guys,


Now quick- buy this TV before my manager finds out!

(If you already purchased this TV from us at the original price- don’t worry. Your money will be coming back to you soon.)

Is it as awesomely bada$$ of a deal as my neophyte eyes think it is?

Unfortunately the price you lowered it to puts Woot right in line with the same model sold at Costco HOWEVER the one available at Costco is NEW and comes with a two year warranty all for $1299.

I can confirm as i just picked up two of the 55" models and one of the 70" models from Costco.

Again, the TV’S are new and you get a two year warranty site it was bought through Costco and no shipping since they’re available at their stores (warehouse).

As others have said it is refurbished for the price of a new set.

Also these model LGs use the RGBW pixel scheme which is not a true full color subpixel 3840x2160 4k resolution.

Essentially for every one full color RGB pixel there is an adjacent white (black and white only) subpixel counted as if it were contributing as much visual output ad the full color RGB pixels. Essentially you are getting short changed in color accuracy and full color resolution by this less accurate subpixel layout.

It is by a failing of the “4k” standard that LG is able to market these sets as 4k.

Typically you should stay away from the budget LG sets due to their use of the cheaper and lower quality RGBW subpixel layout. Samsung sets use a true full resolution RGB layout, even on their budget sets, and they are equivalently priced.

Stay away. These are the horrible “RGBW” panels. They only have 3/4 of the actual pixels.

4:4:4 looks horrible for text on these because of the pixels.