LG 70" 4k UHD HDR Smart LED TV

brand new @ sam’s club for $50 less: http://screenshot.net/nx358f7

a basic membership is $50, so it still works out even if you’re not a member

edit: actual link to sam’s club

edit2: omg i can’t math. fixed.

because ohemgee autoexpands to oh mr goodbar?!

This is $50 cheaper at - oh, crap, someone beat me to it. Sam’s, it’s cheaper at Sam’s.

in addition to Sams, this is same price as new at Costco.

Thank you for the screen shot and the link. I’ve passed this info along to the appropriate parties.

** Oh SNAP- We just lowered the price, because we love you!**

Anyone who already ordered this sweet TV- never fear! Your money will be flying back into your pockets soon.

As for the rest of you- buy this TV!!

No thanks.