LG 80W 2.1CH Speaker Dock with AirPlay

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Companion Cube… Is that you?

I thought this was a 2 colored Rubiks cube for the less smart. I’d be willing to pay that much for one I could solve.

here is a very British overview from LGblogUK


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You Wish!!


This is listed on Amazon by a private seller. The Amazon description says it has Air Play and bluetooth. Here it just describes Air Play as an included feature.

Bluetooth is a big deal for me and would purchase one if this is confirmed.

Does anyone know for sure?


Information I found from

For connectivity and a wide variety of content options, the ND8520 also includes a USB port that supports MP3 and WMA playback. An FM radio is also built in, along with an alarm clock. All of these features can be controlled using the speaker’s remote control as well as LG’s Bluetooth application, which can be accessed from a smartphone.

Yes, it’s just for a bluetooth remote app and not for bluetooth connectivity.

I’m going to pass :frowning:

Here’s another video

I would pull the trigger for 100 shipped.

His nam is Gevin…so what his Name?

We’ve double checked the specs and other sources. We’ve added Bluetooth to the specs based on this.

Thanks for bringing up Bluetooth.

I can’t seem to find much on how this thing actually sounds. Airplay and Bluetooth for $150 is tempting, but there just isn’t enough solid feedback out there. I wanna pull the trigger, but I’ll have to keep researching.

I thought this video stated it had an aux jack however I don’t see one. Also if its Bluetooth I wonder what’s the distance? I bought a ultra music wave gateway a couple years back with a 325foot range on Bluetooth which I never see ranges like that again. Only the 10 meter stuff. ; (

Are y’all sure this has Bluetooth streaming capability? Bluetooth is not mentioned anywhere on LG’s official page for this unit:

Says Bluetooth Music Streaming on their US site

Amazon description page indicates Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio in port, but they also misspelled “functionality”. I’m tempted, wish there were some more reviews floating around.

From Amazon (US):

“The ND8520 offers big sound, and functionality, in a stylish package. The 80W sound system, with integrated woofer, will enhance your listening experience while the integrated Wi-Fi allows you to connect via AirPlay or via the included Bluetooth. Compatible with iOS devices (iPads, iPhones and iPods) the free remote app turns the ND8520 into an alarm clock with “sleep” fucntionality. Connect other audio devices to the ND8520 via the 3.5mm portable audio input.”

Just to confirm, the wireless router must support WPS for this dock to connect to wireless to make use of Airplay?

Does it also support any sort of manual setup for WiFi, or only WPS?